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Jakub Rusinek Szczytno, Poland

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

by livio
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Feb 20 2007
I have this symbolic link. I meant crashes of programs.

Too contrasted? I liked them...
And i don't use dark themes.
We need option for gtkrc which can restore Cairo's look. - Feb 21 2007
Cairo version looked better than non-Cairo.
It was reason, I liked Clearlooks.

Now it looks... ugly.

PS: I dislike Murrine because it was causing many problems with GTK apps and it was slowing down my GNOME. - Feb 21 2007
So this is reason, I don't like new Clearlooks :D .
I'm kidding ;) .

It is Ubuntu 7.04 Feist Fawn, Herd 3, but updated.

I did'nt know, it's package with your patches.

What was changed? Can tell me in few words? - Feb 21 2007

Plymouth Themes
by codicem

Score 62.5%
9   Jan 29 2011