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William Heder
Marble - Desktop Globe

Education Apps by tackat 73 comments

An inferior Google Earth knock off. This a giant leap forward for the linux community. - Sep 16 2008

Education Apps by mgogoulos 36 comments

Wikipedia is for teenage euro trash who have smoked a little too much hash and have the false sense that they are enlightened. It is full of factual errors, grammatical errors, flat out lies, vandalism, propoganda, stupidity and mindless trivia. - Sep 16 2008

GFXBoot by linuxfree 2 comments

Seriously, this was a horrible cartoon for geeky little boys back in 1983. Who want this on their desktop? - Sep 16 2008

Conky by drxnele 80 comments

This is nice.

Thank you for not putting the ugly ubuntu logo right on top of it! - Apr 16 2008