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Sunset over the valley

Wallpaper Other by velio 2 comments

it is a beautiful picture !
where is the place you took the picture of ?

thanks ! - Nov 12 2011

Wallpaper Other by fish95 4 comments

just tell us where and what this place is ? - Jun 30 2008
yellow Rose

Wallpaper Other by adriandumitrupop 1 comment

Thanking you so much for this beautiful picture, it is the right image in this time

Ciao - Jun 17 2008
Springtime in Paris

Wallpaper Other by Amethyst 3 comments

I wonder, what version ov Ubuntu do you use ? I mean which desktop configuration is it ?
- Apr 03 2008
Clivia 1

Wallpaper Other by ILF 2 comments

it is a Clivia , beautiful plant and flowers :

bye ! - Mar 01 2008
openSUSE 10.3 splash for KDE4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cfraz89 2 comments

does anyone know why audio does not work on the openSUSE10.3 ?
I tried in many way to fix it without success ; hence I had to pass to Ubuntu

do you have any idea ?

It does not work for me in any machine at least installing from or after a live installation or boot.

Bye, and thanks if you have any suggestion - Feb 17 2008
Your Opinion

Cliparts by rebe 5 comments

good job keep up !

this is the distribution I like most
although this new release 10.3
is giving much troubles with plug-ins issues and codecs
- Jan 15 2008

Wallpaper Other by letanzio 2 comments

The first is the group of Sassolungo+Sassopiatto = Langkofel+Platkofel,
it dominates GroednerTal and this picture is taken from the road to Pordoi Pass in front of it

The second is Mount Pelmo a massive dolomite pyramid dominating the Zoldo Valley (Belluno-Veneto-Italy) from Colle S.Lucia - Oct 15 2007

Wallpaper Other by nivius 7 comments

The Suse is the distribution I like & use !

Can you make other colors too ?

a shift to the greens and blue tones ?

Thanks - Oct 15 2007

Wallpaper Other by frik 8 comments

maybe it's a star pattern I don't know of ! - Oct 05 2007

Wallpaper Other by frik 8 comments

What about putting, say a constellation definite or a known group of stars pattern, instad of a casually scatterd path ?

say Orion, the Pleiads, whatelse, you name it !

anyway Good ! - Oct 05 2007
Cildrens World

Wallpaper Other by mihai2468 2 comments

although people vote it bad in this site
I like it
artwork has to be appreciated
and I vote good - Sep 15 2007
EU - Linux Proud

Wallpaper Other by johndian 2 comments

what is Europe ?

it seems that nowadays they don't want flag and anthem either

a Euro_Gost is wandering around ?!

while ten years ago they were indoctrinating our kids about it !

What is Europe ? - Jul 21 2007

Wallpaper Other by paninaro 7 comments

why do we need to deprecate the
Windows world ?

it's just fair competition between two different ideas on communication programming and intellectual property !

there's absolutely non need to discredit anyone, each philosophy can have its positive sides, Windows has its own, although I use Linux anyway like many others, and also use Windows in other environments - Jul 02 2007
Voyage of Discovery

Wallpaper Other by johndian 1 comment

I do like it ,
I would try to make the ship looks softer - Jun 29 2007
Lake Bafa

Nature by alioruc 1 comment

where is this place exactly ? - Jun 11 2007
Fortes et Liber

Wallpaper Other by franciscojrcosta 3 comments

liberi could be the plural of liber

I am not sure about fortis,

yes, I have checked it out right now you're right

fortes = plural nominative for fortis,i

Good we made it !!

Ciao ! - May 31 2007
In the forest

Nature by tichy 2 comments

where is this beautiful place ? - May 28 2007
Fortes et Liber

Wallpaper Other by franciscojrcosta 3 comments

Fortis et Liber - May 28 2007
End of Nicolas Sarkozy presidency counter

Karamba & Superkaramba by Kagrou 14 comments

but, if opensource can be better, there is matter he can favour it, why not ?

and 2nd, his wife is even better than the looser ! ! !

so , let's France get up with it !
he will go ! - May 07 2007
winter on the brocken

Wallpaper Other by obelixx 3 comments

can you tell where this place is ? - May 03 2007
blue flowers

Nature by obelixx 1 comment

it simply is . - May 02 2007
My Trumpet

Wallpaper Other by miles83 2 comments

what trumpet do you play ?
Yamaha, Bach, Courtois, Getzen, B&S, Conn, Martin ?

tell us ! - May 01 2007

Wallpaper Other by aydemir_double 1 comment

it's a nice work,

but please take out that
date from it ! - Apr 22 2007
powered by fedora

Cliparts by PokerMD 4 comments

Just make one more with SuSE !

bye - Apr 12 2007

Wallpaper Other by letanzio 1 comment

now it is the correct file ! - Apr 08 2007
Mystic Morning

Wallpaper Other by Linuxtal 2 comments

how did you made it , with what did you elaborate your base picture ? - Mar 30 2007

Wallpaper Other by xactive 2 comments

and professional art work !

Just remember to add some tip for us , so we may try to make our amatorial work better ! - Mar 30 2007
Valley of ligth

Wallpaper Other by DragonKF 1 comment

beautiful !

how did you do it ?
tell us about your image editors - Feb 27 2007
Relax in the sun

Animals by bakkerl 6 comments

It is the " Vanessa Atalanta "

beautiful picture . - Feb 11 2007
Loneliness in my mind

Wallpaper Other by Freezy-cz 4 comments

Will Spring come ? - Feb 11 2007

KDM3 Themes by fuku 11 comments

just post a pure picture , without added objects ,

I would like to use as backgroud,
it's very nice work you did

thanks and

keep up - Feb 05 2007

Wallpaper Other by Cipu 2 comments

not roses :
but camelia sinensis
the plant of tea itself,
good anyway ! - Dec 10 2006
Sunset over the valley

Wallpaper Other
by velio

9   Nov 12 2011