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by leef
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Jun 02 2011
Hi Mike,

Thankyou very much for your interest in this project. Those changes sound amazing and I would be very interested in seeing the patches but unfortunately I don't think that I will have time in the near future to work on this app.

I can patch and release a new version of this app with the patches if you would like but I don't have time to extend this app myself, so you might consider a fork.

When I started work on this app I was unaware of various other similar apps which already existed and were better (google failed me or I failed at google). One such app is here;

If I would have known that volumeicon existed I probably wouldn't have written this app.

I'll let you know my e-mail address so that you can send the patches to me and will update this app when I have patched it.

thanks again

Lee - May 12 2011