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Rickard Larsson , Sweden
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Jun 04 2014
Updated the theme. Since my screen is what it is I hope the colors match. If not, please let me know. - Apr 17 2014
Sorry for the late answer. I'm running Arch Linux and will take a look at it when gnome 3.12 is moved from testing. Will update it then with the new zukitwo gtk theme. - Apr 13 2014
What about ? - Dec 18 2011
I was thinking of remaking the buttons to match the metacity theme, but are little unsure if that would look good on an openbox theme. What do you all think? - Nov 15 2011
Adwaita Openbox

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Jan 27 2014
You should post a link back to the forum post where I posted this theme since you also use my screenshoot.

Also, as I mentioned in my post, I didn't want it to be uploaded here before I had found out where I got the menu config from. It's nothing wrong with sharing but credit should be given. If you can find the original theme author here on box-look that created the menu, it would also be good to give him/her credit (and also in the config header). - Jan 25 2014