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Krytarik Raido Berlin, Germany
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iMetal Leopard Krytarik

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Mar 05 2011
Oh, then I didn't get that right in the first place, sorry. I thought you meant it the other way around, the glassy buttons/scrollbars combined with the overall iMetal gradient style.

Btw., I of course tried Macbuntu, and I doesn't like most parts of it, but its icons are good, to be used in other themes. ;-)

And honestly, a combination of its rather white overall look with the grey buttons of iMetal Leopard won't really look good. - Mar 06 2011
Then have a look at my "iMetal Aqua Krytarik":

Where is your "Orgasmic" theme, did you upload it somewhere?


PS: Is it possible to remove the dup? - Mar 05 2011
iMetal Leopard Krytarik light

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Mar 05 2011
Wait, you really mean the "buttons", right? The couldn't take anything of your provided screenshot initially. I believe those is the default fallback "Raleigh" theme. You see it if you didn't install the theme system-wide, in "/usr/share/themes", and are running graphical admin tasks. - Mar 06 2011
Actually they are already much more rounded and smoother than the usual Mac icons, e.g. those of the Macbuntu theme. - Mar 06 2011
Ubuntu sunrise plymouth

Plymouth Themes
by dinin

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9   Feb 15 2011