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Ray Miller Kirkland, WA, United States of America

Compiz Themes by arsen 17 comments

rename the file to .emerald :) - Oct 13 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by PingunZ 16 comments

BTW, this may be helpful to Beryl users. .cgwdtheme files can simply be renamed to .emerald and they work fine. :) - Oct 13 2006
Murrina Eternal Red

GTK2 Themes by BaQs 7 comments

Not very fair to vote something down just because you don't like the color ;)

I love it, red's my favorite color. Great job! :) - Oct 05 2006
Darkly Glassed

Compiz Themes by kingrayray 27 comments

Use a terminal that supports true transparency, like the latest versions of urxvt (rxvt-unicode) or Gnome-terminal, in combination with the blur plugin. :) - Oct 05 2006
Darkly Glassed

Compiz Themes by kingrayray 27 comments

Excellent.. I hadn't looked thoroughly enough :P updated to use the .cgwdtheme format. Thanks! - Aug 30 2006

Compiz Themes by SaikoBee 12 comments

I never thought pink could look so good. :P Nice work! (Love the glow effects, i do the same thing with mine, hehe) - Aug 30 2006
Candido Selected

Beryl/Emerald Themes by jestersmurf 6 comments

I *looove* candido, glad to see it ported to compiz. =) - Aug 30 2006
Glass 0.1

Compiz Themes by astoyanov 8 comments

I'm pretty sure that's just Gaim 2.0.. nothing fancy, just a development version.. unless you're referring to the status icons, which are *great*! (What are they?) - Aug 30 2006
Vibrant SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by yetzero 34 comments

I *LOOOVE* this set! It's beautiful! But you're missing the FTP folder icon :P it makes my ftp shortcuts look reeeally bland, hehe. Keep up the good work! - Apr 19 2006