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Poppy OS X Revieve

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Sep 18 2017
There is GitHub link, it is right below Title and Category. - May 31 2018
It would be wonderful :) - Nov 26 2017
I don't familiar with metacity or cinnamon, sorry. - Nov 21 2017
Haha, "thinking different" is what I didn't noticed before. It's really interesting coincidence. - Oct 12 2017
Your link is broken but I get what you mean, this thing named .statusbar in gtk.css, you can make it transparent by removing all background-image's in classes with this name, but then in e.g. Gedit's bottom it will look different from Mac and not so pretty. - Oct 12 2017
Give it a try. But obviously not/partialy. - Sep 28 2017
Did you read install notes? Font sould be too big only in one case, when you didn't read description and didn't make things it say. - Sep 26 2017
Desktop area? Gnome-shell or what? Fonts are identical for gnome shell and typical menus, so don't know what the fuck is going on for you. - Sep 24 2017
>had to change a lot in your css

Apparently did not help. - Sep 24 2017
>cant change the huge icons and fonts

And it was conceived. So that anybody does not make look anything wrong. - Sep 24 2017
You wan't to have half of OS X interface style or full clone? Because this project directed to 2'th. - Sep 21 2017
Спасибо за фидбэк, привет из Мариуполя :) - Sep 21 2017
Good to hear it's working on other distros. - Sep 21 2017
If you mention fonts in your comment you need to also leave a link to screenshot.

It's not my fault that most browsers typically use .menubar background-image as tabs bg. - Sep 19 2017
>it will not recognize it and replace it with the default-font

I know, it's the one of requirements of my theme. As I say "it's on people mind" to install all the thing correctly. - Sep 18 2017
...(for me). - Sep 18 2017
User defined font size is the thing that I can't control, it's on people mind to make their font preferences look like this:

And I didn't tried it on any other distro/DE so can't tell anything but that letting font size or family alone is making menus and some other elements unMac'ish look. - Sep 18 2017
Popup menu font is normal for me, I have 1366x768 resolution screen. Even if it looks big in some way, the one in OS X works the same (I tried with many screenshots, compared mine menus and original one's, height of highlighting is 19px). Only one difference that in mac font is slightly bolder.

Look at this: - Sep 17 2017 - Sep 05 2017
I can't change this because I like menu in window's that look like menubar on top of the screen (firefox using it's bg). - Sep 05 2017
I know that github recently (not so recently as you can thought) began to support online fileupload, I can give it a try. - Sep 05 2017
I don't think I will support it at all, sorry. For me coolest DE is Unity with CSD (Like Gnome with performance). - Sep 05 2017
No, I don't have github for this, as like for many other things I have done. GitHub Desktop is not supporting linux, only Windows and Mac. The idea of switching from linux to windows (I have dual-boot) just for updating my git repo - shit. - Sep 05 2017
Not sure about this, english is not my native lang. Maybe both. Anyway I named it like this because it sounds good and fits within the meaning. I could name it 'Restoration' too, but is it good? - Sep 05 2017
I remember a bug that entrybox arrows is blurred when centered vertically, so I decided to give it a fixed pos. But now I think that I can fix this, thanks for reminding.

For most macish (as widgets can be resized by font and became not pixel-perfect) experience you should use this font settings:
Entry bg is fixed in not public (for now) ver. - Sep 05 2017
What's thing with Firefox? I'm using Opera but looked at it and didn't find any problems.

You sure that window buttons are small? Can you screen' it? - Sep 04 2017
I don't ever used Cinnamon, so it's not supported officially. - Sep 04 2017
I just installed this browser. Tabs look awfully, but as you can see, they work different here. In gedit or nautilus I can style they with "overlay notebook tab", here it's just "notebook tab", so if I will modify tabs in epiphany it will spread on common tabs also. There is no a lot of something that I can do with it. - Aug 09 2017
Спасибо за отзыв. Этот баг я заметил еще когда выложил обнову, и сразу пофиксил. Просто выкладывать еще одну, такую же, только с исправленным багом версию я не вижу целесообразным. Ждите следующего DP.

Thank you for review. I seen this bug when upload update, and immediatly fixed then. But I don't see fit to upload the same with only one fixed bug. Wait for new DP. - Aug 09 2017
Fixed this warnings, thanx. - Aug 05 2017
Thanks for feedback!

I'm think to change buttons in popover, and focus outline will go away then. Nautilus sidebar not grey now, but in OS X 10.9 style too. It will be available in next DP, that coming soon.

Gnome-shell: I am using Gnome-OS-X-Dark-Shell as a base, and do some changes already. Like a menubar, menus or dock (because of old or just restricted CSS I do my best to recreate atleast dock from Leopard - Lion. Though looks not so bad as default). - Jul 26 2017
Very much thanks for your feedback! I don't like their flat style too. In another case I would use "Gn-OSX-HSierra-1.2-sidebar-issue". By the way that's a theme I'm basing on :) - Jul 25 2017

Not special? I didn't even complete a gnome-shell, dude :p And what are you mean by special? I'm doing my best, but can't theme everything like a OS X because GTK don't support some of things, and I been suprised that I can't use multiple css shadows for gnome top panel. It's so stupidly incorrect when I try to style it in Mavericks look. - Jul 24 2017
Yes, but it's a hard to do a GOOD screenshot. And just a screen' didn't a best way to present something like this.

Look at apple presentations, it's not a just bunch of screenshots. - Jul 24 2017
Oh, so many requests for this. I will think about it later. - Jul 24 2017
String 6862 in my case:

filechooser placessidebar.sidebar,
.nautilus-window placessidebar.sidebar {
background-color: rgba(242, 243, 246, 0.9);
} - Jul 24 2017
My iconpack requires a lot of processing. There are a lot of bugs and cheap things at the moment. For example, many icons are only in a certain resolution or several, but not all. And also many of them in the raster format, while I long ago switched to vector.

I never knew how to make screenshots of things like themes or icons, so no, or at least not now. - Jul 23 2017
Wtf, fucking gnomelook. - Jul 22 2017
It's simply Mavericks theme. I wanted mac interface on linux and decided to do my best. So if you want pixel perfect os x 10.9 theme for gnome - this is a right choice. But as says description it's now in dev, so not all elements are currently ported/themed. - Jul 22 2017
It's simply Mavericks theme. I wanted mac interface on linux and decided to do my best. So if you want pixel perfect os x 10.9 theme for gnome - this is a right choice. But as says description it's now in dev, so not all elements are currently ported/themed. - Jul 22 2017
It's simply Mavericks theme. I wanted mac interface on linux and decided to do my best. So if you want pixel perfect os x 10.9 theme for gnome - this is a right choice. But as says description it's now in dev, so not all elements are currently ported/themed. - Jul 22 2017
Ant Themes

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Jun 29 2020
Yet another *flat* theme, nothing special. - Sep 04 2017
That commands work only for Gnome DE, you need to specify this theme with another command or some GUI tool like gnome-tweak-tool. - Sep 04 2017
OSX icon theme port

Full Icon Themes 20 comments

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Jan 27 2012
>The so-called \"Mac icon theme\" is a complete mess; a hodgpodge of Oxygen, Nuovext, Windows and OSX icons that look shiny, but you can hardly call it a cohesive theme. It looks like a mess of icons randomly pulled off of google image search and sloppily thrown together by a 12 year old on ritalin.

Haha man, I trooly understand you and support this words. I'm making my theme and (soon, I believe) upload new icons pack here (old - just because of this big problem. It's going to be fully vector pixel-perfect recreation of Mavericks icons, so if you read this and interested go to my page and check, maybe it's uploaded already :) - Aug 18 2017

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Aug 09 2017
Иконки папок в этом иконпаке чет больно мои ( напоминают, интересно совпадение ли?)

И да, с "Коригування" знатно проорал :D Че это за слово то такое? - Aug 09 2017
Capitaine Cursors

Cursors 99 comments

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Feb 19 2020
Too cartoonish. Reminds me cursors from WindowsXP ZverDVD. - Jul 25 2017
Poppy OS X Cursors

Cursors 14 comments

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May 21 2016
I think it's not very difficult, to make El Capitan version, so... - Aug 23 2016
Ok, I understand. No need to worry about this "bug", I will change it in the next update (Today or tomorrow) - May 20 2016
What you mean by "carret" cursor? I-Cursor or something other? - May 20 2016
Poppy OS Ⓧ Icons

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Apr 16 2016
I used 3 icons for home:

symbolic - 16x16.svg
16x16 - 16x16.png
24x24-128x128 - 96x96.svg
Most of them are svg, and in those places where it is necessary, so I don't know why it pixelated. Can u give me screenshot of your problem? - Apr 17 2016

GTK3 Themes
by hakamybs

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Apr 23 2016

Full Icon Themes
by hakamybs

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Jan 16 2016

GTK3 Themes
by petrucci4prez

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Jan 16 2016
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9   Oct 28 2017

GTK2 Themes
by untouchable89

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9   Aug 01 2017

Wallpaper Other
by SebastianYunChristmann

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9   Apr 16 2016
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9   Apr 06 2016

by I-Jurij

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9   Feb 26 2016

GTK3 Themes
by petrucci4prez

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9   Jan 16 2016

Full Icon Themes
by hakamybs

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9   Dec 13 2015