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GTK2 Themes by ertz 33 comments

Hi there i love the orange that you have done however im lookin for the clean blue now and i cant seem to find it anywhere on your site...the only dload that there is for orange or maybe ima retard..can i have this theme?? thanks in advance.. - Jun 22 2006
Ubuntu Metal Styck Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Luck 4 comments

Really awesome job on this one matches my layout perfectly..Keep up the awesome work! - Jun 20 2006
Gnome bicolor NOW WITH 4 THEMES!!!!

Wallpapers Gnome by wikiguy12345 11 comments

Complements on this release going on my desktop as we speak :) can you tell me what gtk theme you are using i really like that black panel! - Jun 20 2006