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Karma catan , Italy
Kubuntu Spotlight KDM

KDM4 Themes by karma0321 6 comments

thank you, i liked your idea, i just posted the blue background at - Nov 06 2009
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 570 comments

uh, i'm using fancy panel 0.9.8 on kubuntu 9.10.. just as you know

and by the way, there's another bug i forgot to tell you: if you add A LOT of launchers (and tasks of course) and the panel gets wide enough to go over the screen width, it auto cuts itself into a higher and shorter panel that only shows the first 4 or 5 icons.. the way to resolve it (till now) is just to reduce the height of the whole panel... it would be a great thing a sort-of auto resizing of icons on a too long panel.
cheers! - Oct 02 2009
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 570 comments

Hi! thank you for this app... i just love it! i've been waiting for such a dock for kde4 since its early releases...
that's why i want to help you turning it into a stable killer-app ;)
that's what i noticed: if you set no sort for icons and you have some launcher with a customized icon, as soon as that app gets minimized, or whatever other action, plasma starts crashing.
i tried it with amule and firefox with customized icons... no way! on the other side, with other apps/sorting settings it's perfectly working.
Hope it was useful and easy to fix :D
cheers! - Oct 02 2009
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Black Version

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 45 comments

i agree! please upload it anywhere else, i've been trying for 2 days to download the tarball but megaupload takes too long and the connection fails! i want that icon set! :D - Sep 01 2008