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Kakuzo Kazuyoshi
New Wave Circles

Metacity Themes by dilomo 8 comments

Amazing, simply amazing!
Sir, you and people like you are part of the best things this community has to offer.

Thanks and splendid job! - Dec 23 2008
New Wave

GTK2 Themes by dilomo 277 comments

Thank you for this new release. It looks wonderfull, but could you please add a version or some method for the old buttons? The round ones from version 0.59 or below?
The only flaw (IMHO) on your GREAT theme are the buttons. (The minimize,maximize, close ones). They look SO much better now than in previous version, still I like rounded ones more. Any way I can have them in 0.70 version? (and above)

Thanks and good job! - Dec 22 2008