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KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

Subject: Libreoffice crashes in KDE 4.7.2 (kubuntu 11.10) when Polyster style is enabled

Hi Martin,

When polyster style is enabled then Libreoffice crashes. I have filed a bug in Libreoffice and they have told me that the bug lies with Polyster style. The following is the comment by one of the developers there.

Lubos Lunak 2012-01-16 08:55:37 PST
The bug is in the style. Function PolyesterStyle::drawComplexControl()
dereferences the widget pointer argument in the CC_ToolButton case even though
Qt documentation says the argument is optional and can therefore be NULL.
You'll need to report to the style developers. - Jan 20 2012

KDE 3.5 Themes
by mart

Jan 20 2012