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Plasma 4 Extensions 62 comments

by avlas
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Aug 01 2011
It would be great if this was combined with the Window List plasmoid (, so that when the name or icon of the application was clicked on it would show the window list. - Apr 21 2012
Divergence IV - "A New Hope"

GTK2 Themes 169 comments

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Nov 23 2010
You need Emerald, themes for Emerald are included in the .zip - Jun 13 2011
All the install script does is copy the theme to your ~/.themes/ directory, create a launcher for the customisation tool, and, if you chose the option to theme root themes, creates a symbolic link between your /root/.themes directory and ~/.themes directory. So I don't really see how anything could have been messed up unless you did something strange or there is a weird quirk related to the distribution that you are on - I've only tested it on Ubuntu so its possible that there is something weird going on with a different distribution. You can try removing the /root/.themes /root/.icons and /root/.fonts links:
In a terminal:
sudo rm /root/.themes
sudo rm /root/.icons
sudo rm /root/.fonts

To remove the theme (terminal):
rm -R -f ~/.themes/A-New-Hope*

To remove the launcher:
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/anewhope.desktop - Jun 13 2011
Can I ask what distribution you are on and what method you used to install the theme. - Jun 12 2011
As they are PNG pixmaps you will have to change them in an image editor like GIMP. The files will be in ~/.emerald/themes/A-New-Hope - Feb 20 2011
Be my guest. Its all GPL anyway. - Feb 20 2011
Open Emerald Theme Manager > Emerald Settings Tab > Uncheck Button Fade and Button Pulse. (I should add this to the README) :D
- Dec 06 2010
if thats not working then you might need to logout then log back in. - Dec 04 2010
Open Nautilus.
Edit > Preferences > Tweaks tab
Make sure "Show like Breadcrumbs" is checked
ALT + F2 to open a run dialog and enter: nautilus -q
TADA! :D - Dec 03 2010
Thanks :D Glad you like the theme.

1. There are two different icon sets: "Faenza-Dark" & "Faenza Dark". Faenza Dark is a mod of Faenza-Dark to have light toolbar icons which work well with dark toolbars like this theme has.
Regardless, in the next update I will be removing the icon theme from the index file as I don't wish to really suggest an icon theme anyway. I just forgot to do it last update.

2. Thanks for the tip. I was aware of the issue but hadn't got around to fixing it. I'll put out a minor update fix soon. - Dec 01 2010
Those blue lines in the Listview (1st shot) are really weird and I can't replicate it. There isn't even a blue colour like that in the theme, the only colors other than the browns are grey and the greenish/aqua selection colour. Can you tell me the exact settings that you chose for the theme? Also, check in Appearance Preferences > Customise... > Colours > And hit "Reset to Defaults" to make sure that the default colours are being used.

I know about the dark progressbar issue. The dark tabs and dark progressbars are new, so there are bound to be bugs (I know dark tabs causes issues with firefox). Next week I'll hopefully have a fix out (I'm fairly busy at the moment). Also, I'll have a look into Firefox 4, but I can't really guarantee anything on that front. - Nov 29 2010
Thats Avant-Window-Navigator in Lucido style (there is a theme for it included in the A-New-Hope download).

Heres the wallpaper:

:D - Nov 28 2010
No problem. I always miss the apt-get update step (or the apt update fails) too, then sit there stumped about what is going on -- its easy to do. ;)

Glad you got it all working! :D - Nov 28 2010
Also, please download the latest version as the installer issue with the images should be fixed. - Nov 27 2010
The GDK error is not important and only related to the Appearance-Preference window, not the installer.

I'm not sure what the issue is. Could you PLEASE post a screenshot?! It will help a great deal in identifying the problem. - Nov 27 2010
You need to install nautilus elementary for TESB to display properly :D

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
nautilus -q

Edit > Preferences > Tweaks > Enable breadcrumbs (and disable places button)

then do "nautilus -q" again to see the changes. - Nov 27 2010
There are plenty of dark border metacity themes. You could always use one of them instead. Making a solid dark metacity kind of defeats the whole purpose of the theme. - Nov 25 2010
I'm pretty sure the images in the configuration tool should work now. :D - Nov 25 2010
Could you please post a screenshot of the issue?

If its what I think it is, you need to install Nautilus Elementary and enable the Breadcrumbs tweak. If you don't want to install Nautilus Elementary, then use the checkbox for gtk-breadcrumbs in the configuration tool under Nautilus. - Nov 25 2010
That is a Dock. It is Avant-Window-Navigator in Lucido style. There is a theme included in the .zip - Nov 25 2010
If you mean the breadcrumbs in nautilus. You need Nautilus Elementary.

If you mean the icons. They are AwOken.

If you mean the Dock, thats AWN Lucido. There is a theme included in the .zip - Nov 24 2010
The installer now shows the images (hopefully!!).

Unfortunately, there is no gksu/gksudo facility in Fedora. This means that if you want to use options other than the defaults you will have to do it by hand.

The directory: "/usr/share/themes/A-New-Hope/gtk-2.0/Styles" contains the .rc files the theme uses. In the "RES" directory are all the options for configuration. What you need to do is copy the appropriate file from RES and overwrite the file in Styles. For example to use dark tabs you would copy "/usr/share/themes/A-New-Hope/gtk-2.0/Styles/RES/notebook-dark.rc" to "/usr/share/themes/A-New-Hope/gtk-2.0/Styles/notebook.rc".

If you use ANH or TESB nautilus, make sure to also use Dark Toolbars and Breadcrumbs. If using ROTJ use the Light Toolbars and Breadcrumbs. If you want to use gtk-breadcrumbs, overwrite "Styles/breadcrumbs.rc" with "Styles/RES/null.rc"

If you need any more help don't hesitate to ask. Hopefully I can figure out a way to avoid using gksu/gksudo in the future. - Nov 23 2010
In the next update hopefully... Working on a few things like a chrome theme, firefox theme and a few other things. Chrome works quite well at the moment using native borders/gtk - Google Chrome Preferences > Personal Stuff > Select: Use GTK+ Theme & Use System titlebar and borders. - Nov 16 2010
lol... thanks :D

If you are asking for what I think you are, you can do that. Open Emerald Themer. Goto the "Emerald Settings" tab and uncheck "Use Decoration Cropping". These settings are user, rather than theme, configured. - Nov 13 2010
Thanks. Haha, I don't even think I noticed that; thanks for pointing it out! Will fix it in the next update. :) - Nov 10 2010
Please read the README file (i.e. RTFM). There is a section about customising the panel. You need to use the panel images in the Panel directory of the .zip file. But you will have to tweak it in gimp to fit your screen size. Liquid Rescale plugin will probably work well. - Nov 08 2010
I can't really help you as I don't use xfce so I can't test anything unfortunately. - Nov 08 2010
Sorry, can't help you there. The theme requires the latest murrine engine in order to work. - Nov 08 2010
Open Emerald Theme Manager
Click the "Import" button
select the emerald theme from the Emerald folder that you extracted from .zip
Select the theme
press ALT + F2 to open a run dialog
type "emerald --replace" without quotes
you should now have the emerald borders you selected. Let me know if you have an y difficulties. - Nov 05 2010
Thanks.. Yeah I noticed that soon after I upload the new screen shots. What a weird coincidence! lol :D - Nov 05 2010
no problem :D - Nov 04 2010
Please update emerald and gtk theme to the latest version from deviantart as these issues have been fixed (well I can't replicate them at least).

I look into the thunderbird issue - Nov 04 2010
The Metacity is very new and very much a work in progress. The Emerald themes are much more polished. - Nov 03 2010
Thanks! Fix will be included in next update. - Nov 03 2010
Really? You don't have this happen: ???
If not, then I'm not sure what is wrong with my copy of Evolution. What distro/version are you on?

Thanks for pointing out the text formatting bar in the Compose window. I hadn't noticed that. Will work on a fix for that soonish. - Oct 27 2010
This ^^^

And typing "emerald --replace" into the run dialog [Alt+F2] will reload Emerald decorations if Metacity is still being used. - Oct 26 2010
This is intentional. You can use a dark toolbar in Evolution if you want, but there will be issues with it.

In the directory you installed the theme (either "/usr/share/themes" or "~/.themes")

edit the file: A-New-Hope/gtk-2.0/Styles/toolbar-fix.rc

Comment out or delete the following line:
widget_class "EShellWindow.*Toolbar*" style "toolbar-fix"

Save the file and reload the theme.

Evolution will now use a dark toolbar. If you use Maverick, you will notice an ugly bug in the Evolution toolbar where the end of the toolbar is still the light colour. This is why I changed it to use a light toolbar. I'm not sure if it happens for everyone however. - Oct 26 2010
This doesn't happen to me. Did you try reinstalling the Emerald theme? I was able to recreate this, but it shouldn't happen by default unless you changed some settings or something weird happened.

Open up Emerald Themer.
Goto "Edit Themes" > "Frame Engine"
Select Engine "Pixmap"
Goto "Pixmaps (Active)" tab

Make sure all the "Scale" boxes are unchecked. I was able to recreate what is happening to you by checking the "Scale" box for "Title". However, it should be unchecked by default. - Oct 26 2010
thank you! :D - Oct 24 2010
Thanks for the bug report. This issue should now be fixed in the latest version of the theme. :D - Oct 24 2010
Thanks :D

Also, there is now a version included with inbuilt breadcrumbs. To use it, remove the line added to your .gtkrc-2.0 file. - Oct 24 2010
I don't see what you mean. Could you post a screenshot? - Oct 23 2010
Oh yeah I forgot there is usually two palettes. I combine mine into one toolbox. There's not much I can do about it I'm afraid. - Oct 22 2010
Thanks :D

Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about the height of the titlebar. Because the Emerald is made from a pixmap theme its pretty much set at that height. I'm going to make a slimmer version and also a bigger version sometime soon. I'll keep you posted. - Oct 22 2010
If its because the window isn't wide enough for the titlebar to display, then unfortunately there isnt much I can do about that other than to suggest making your toolbox wider. It doesn't happen to me if my toolbox is 4 or more buttons wide.

If its something different could you post a screenshot, as I am unable to replicate it. - Oct 21 2010

Yep I think I'll steer clear of the "Empire" lol. - Oct 21 2010
cheers - Oct 21 2010
Divergence Inspired

Beryl/Emerald Themes 11 comments

by cainn
Score 81.7%
Dec 27 2010
Nice! Always good to have some variation. But also damn, you used (by coincidence) the name of my upcoming release / work in progress :eek:

Perhaps I'll have to call it "The Phantom Menace" instead, lol.

- Dec 18 2010
Yet another hope

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

by Pakos
Score 64.0%
Jan 24 2011
Also, if you like square themes, perhaps my Insignificant theme will interest you: - Nov 23 2010
Can I suggest straightening the curve in the metacity titlebar. If you're going to remove the curves, you should go all the way. Choose some minimal squared window buttons too.

Re the theme: I think choice is important. Squared themes are not particularly my taste (I only really like super minimal squared themes), but having that choice is important. So, good job so far. - Nov 23 2010

GTK2 Themes
by perfectska04

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Nov 09 2010
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Nov 09 2010
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Nov 09 2010

KDE Plasma Screenshots
by kai100

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Nov 09 2010
London Smoke

GTK2 Themes
by Padster

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3   Feb 02 2011

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by Zifu

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3   Jan 17 2011

GTK2 Themes
by ceebeebg

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