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Jorge Pizarro Callejas

Plasma 4 Extensions by javierllorente 3 comments


I created the package for the Gentoo users. That's on my overlay.

Thanks for your contribution :) - Nov 16 2014
Plasma Google Now

Plasma 4 Extensions by anilet 5 comments

I set WOEID in the Plasmoid configuration, and it works, but it doesn't change during the day, as Yahoo Weather Plasmoid does.
Please, fix it.

Thanks. - Sep 01 2014

Full Icon Themes by EepSetiawan 7 comments

When I get in the link, it asks me for permission. Why? ¬¬ - Aug 09 2014
Unity Radiance

Plasma Themes by DarkBeastOfPrey 5 comments

Nice theme, very awesome, even with transparency. Thanks.

So... can you do another version of this theme, but with cerulean or sky blue instead of orange? Thanks :D - Aug 02 2014
Dark Squares GRUB 2 Theme

GRUB Themes by DreamDragon 2 comments

Please, fix it, the link is dead.

Thanks. - Jul 08 2014
Modern "Gentoo Curie" KDE Splash

KDE 4 Splashscreens by jorgicio 3 comments

Done. Thanks :D - May 31 2014

Plasma 4 Extensions by geflei 7 comments

Dear users:

I created the ebuild for Gentoo/Funtoo too. Check my layout. - May 14 2014
Bumblebee Indicatior

Plasma 4 Extensions by dmeyer 19 comments

I installed it from Plasma desktop, and it still looks yellow. And also, it says the version is 0.2, not 0.3. Please, fix it. Thanks. - May 01 2014
Oct 29 2014