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Jack Herer
i apologies, but i gave u a wrong/incomplete info about this fix.

U can comment/remove the line

<dri>=/dev/nvidia* /dev/3dfx*

as long as you comment/delete the
'<xconsole> 0600 <dri> 0600 root'

If you dont delete/comment both, your system will hang on startup.

To repair if your system hang, login as Restore Filesystem, mount your / in rw ('mount -n -o remount,rw /') and re edit your /etc/security/console.perm. - Feb 04 2003
I also removed the line

'=/dev/nvidia* /dev/3dfx*'

in /etc/security/console.perms

CAREFULL : Remove this line, DONT comment it. - Feb 04 2003
I also had a problem with the conf window flashing, no preview, and screensaver was a blank (black :) one.

I've just made a 'chmod 666 /dev/nvidia*' to give normal users rw access to the display controller.

All is ok now...

Hope this help - Feb 04 2003