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Jeriel Castillo Higuey, Dominican Republic
This is embarrasment at its finest!

I lost all this files since my Ubuntu One Account was deleted due to the service down.

Does anyone have this files that could upload for e? I just dont want to go back to configure all this... - Jun 27 2014
Sorry I've been working a lot,

To remove seconds you have to edit the "rings.lua" file into the "lua" folder and remove the seconds part.

I let U know later how to do it exactly. - Aug 23 2011
Yes, just change the line 43 for the file named "rings" inside the "rcs" folder.

alignment tr = top right
alignment tl = top left
alignment br = bottom right
alignment bl = bottom left

After that you can change the Gap:
Gap_x = Horizontal Gap
Gap_y = Vertical Gap

You can do this for any file within this folder. Hope it helps! - Aug 15 2011
Copy everything to your home folder and run (Alt+F2) this command:


Should work there. And the only thing need to be configured manually is the Network part as I mention above.

Also if you have more Hard Drives in you computer you might need to add them manually since I just set the main ones (sda & sdb).

Regards. - Jun 09 2011
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