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Plasma Themes by KDEfour-rob 8 comments

Really nice to have a plasma theme that is not another combination of black and grey,

i'll look forward for new updates
thanks for the good work! - Apr 09 2009
karamba photo album notifier

Karamba & Superkaramba by wheely 13 comments

A really simple and nice karamba theme!
What I was looking for, but I didn't know until I saw it :).

The main con is that some details should be polished, since I've had to touch both, the theme and the script to make it work.

One tip: in albums.theme, the command for ONCLICK should be "kwickshow '%v'" instead of "kwickshow %v" (note the single commas) to avoid problems with paths that have spaces inside.

Thanks! You've braught more fun to KDE desktop - Mar 27 2006
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

I'm happy to say that DesktopIntegration plugin will be on next official aMSN release (0.95) for linux distributions.

Pues eso, que al final lo van a incluir con el paquete, aunque dependiendo de la distribución. - Dec 23 2005

Various Games by sophyn 9 comments

jajajaja, muy buena respuesta
por lo demás no he probado el programa, me jarté ya de hacer sudolus en papel
Un saludo! - Dec 07 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

Yeap, you're right, but don't worry. It has nothing related to new aMSN version. It was just a mistake I made because I forgot to change some lines from previous version of the plugin.
It's ok now (v0.8b). Thank you for pointing it out! - Dec 05 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

OK, me alegro de que vaya bien.
Sobre lo de incluirlo en el paquete por defecto tengo que hablar con los desarrolladores a ver que piensan. Ahora como están liados con la liberación de la 0.95 no sé si me harán mucho caso

Gracias y un saludo! - Dec 05 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

It works for me with lastest CVS snapshot (3-12-05). What's exactlly the problem?

Maybe StatusLog (Ctrl+S) or PluginsLog (Alt+P) could help. - Dec 03 2005
KMetabar - (Modified Metabar 0.7)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 171 comments

Hi! I really like your improving of metabar 0.7, as 0.8 version had become unusable.

For this 0.2beta version I'd like to give you some impressions from my humble point of view:

- please, keep the title on top (I mean, the icon, file name, kind of file, etc..) I think this were the main fail with metabar 0.8. Alltought it seems not to give any extra useful information, it gives you the hint about what you're currently seeing: the details about file "MyNiceShoppingList.pdf" for example.
Otherwise you have a "messy" impression of the whole think.

- As far as I've seen, Spanish chars (accents, ñ, etc) are well shown. I supose it's the same for other languages, thanks :)

- About prefetched links... I find some of them useful, and others don't, so I don't know wether disable them or keep them enabled :D. Could them be on "normal" links by default, so user could edit them like the other ones?

- About the new icons bar. I think this could be right under the title. Btw, I haven't found what are they really for, as the description is not well showed.

- Maybe add a group "extract" for compressed files, like the submenu, or just the "extract here" would be enough.

Really good job. And sorry my little complains. I hope this will be improved and included within the "standard" kde. Cheers! - Sep 19 2005

Board by redsh 68 comments

Then, take a look into kollaboration forum. There are artists who will like to make icons for your app. - Sep 10 2005

Board by redsh 68 comments

Oh, didn't notice that feature before.. nice indeed.
And don't feel hurry.. there are thousands of sudoku puzzles we can solve in the meantime!
Thanks again. - Sep 09 2005

Board by redsh 68 comments

Really nice and good looking app! We were needing to have a sudoku game in kde! And yours is so much nice.

I hope some aspects will be improved by next releases, and it will get into kde-games very soon.

By the way, I would like to make some suggestions...

1st. Right now, it colours the number you enter in gray if it's its right place or red otherwise so... you are told the solution! It should only show red (a bit more hard red) if you place two numbers that cannot be together.

2nd. The number selected on the toolbar should be visible (pressed down or something like that)

3rd. Be able to write a number on a cell just typing on the keybord after selecting

and more... :):)

Well, these are a few suggestions I thought when I played your game. Anyway it has the coolest layout from all the sudoku programs I've tried Good job!

Cheers - Sep 09 2005
Yes, of course that helped!
I think it's fixed in latest version.
Thanks! - Aug 23 2005
mmm, it's strange that amsn crashes.. can you give me a bit more information?

The plugin choose the desktop doing the following:

1st- if you only have zenity or kdialog its obvious what to do...
(so I supose you have both)

2nd- look for the DESKTOP_SESSION environment var, but it doesn't help to much, only in a few cases (like mine)

3rd- it counts the processes containing the words "kde" and "gnome" and then choose the one with most ocurrencies.

For xfce..
* which program should it use? zenity (like in gnome) or kdialog (like in kde), I guess zenity? maybe xdialog?

* how could I know that xfce is in use? (only by the environment var?)

Sorry, as I haven't use it, I don't know those questions.. If you could answer them, I will try to make it work for your case. Thanks! - Aug 23 2005
Thanks, yeap, I sended it too but it's on a place, not very easy to found.

Answering to the other comment too, it's true that amsn gets freeze until you've choose the file. Is a bad behaviour that at the moment I find it too difficult to solve, but some amsn developers will help me in a near future. I will advertise it on the description. But at the moment, I prefer the "bad" solution to noone.

This is one of the reasons because the plugin is not on main amsn plugins page.

Greets! - Aug 09 2005
Ok, Maybe I'm posting it in a wrong place. But the same thing for kde is at since a long time ago and has been good accepted by people who uses aMSN (ignored by people who doesn't). One gnome user saw the plugin on that site, made same changes to use it with gnome and told me to join that on the plugin. I'm posting here just to make it available to people using gnome because they, I suppose, will not look on

And the second thing.. it's only one screenshot of my desktop (and yes, it's a kde desktop, looking maybe similar to a winXP, just my only choose). The aim of the plugin has nothing to do with this. It only uses zenity (for gnome) instead of some tcl/tk dialogs. I'll ask somebody to give me a better screenshot.

Anyway, thanks for your opinion. It's nice at least to know what people think, not just "good" or "bad". - Aug 08 2005
Hey, It seems you didn't like too much this plugin. Please, tell me what's wrong with it.. maybe it doesn't work or something. Maybe a bad name to it (I'm not good with marketing, I suppose..)

But please, tell why are you voting bad this, so I (or we) can improve it. As I'm not a gnome guy I cannot test it deeply, but I was mailed, and suggested to add gnome support to this plugin, and I think it was a good idea.

So please, make your suggestions, disappointments... not just voting bad. - Aug 08 2005
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 34 comments

Man, I think you've hit the point.
Begginers just don't find the settings dialog... advanced users kwnow how to find the things... but may be a bit harder...

If all the settings are auto-explanatory, and well placed in dialogs everybody could fit all things to his/her own needings.

By the way... there are a bit options in Kicker settings under "Advanced.." button, that are IMHO really necesary (transparency, and "handles" of applets visible/invisible) but it's so much space wasted on button background and tiles... just an example of what can happen if every app spread its settings in easy/advance...

Anyway.. what moves this topic is true... we need better settings dialogs, and it's good to think about possible solutions.

Greets! - Jun 11 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

Espero q realmente lo arregle :S La verdad es q aún no he podido probarlo, y esto del tcl/tk es un jaleo.. cosa q tocas, cosa q j.. fastidias. Un saludo!

I hope it actually fix it :S Really, i couldn't try it, and this tcl/tk thing is a mess... one thing you touch, one thing you f.. break. - Apr 25 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

Hi! I posted a file I was using for testing the plugin, which had a symlink and it's that what fails because the name of the dir you've installed in is different (upcase-downcase thing). I've had the same problem when changing the dir name, so thanks for pointing that.

I've submitted a new version with no symlinks and it should work.

Greets! - Apr 25 2005
View as ASCII

Dolphin Service Menus by ljubomir 15 comments

Hey, I like this servicemenu. I didn't know aalib before, and I find a funny way to see your videos.. feeling strange watching me as a group of letters :p

And I also would suggest the option "-ao arts" for those who use it. Or maybe it's jet old-fashioned...

By the way,
Name[es]=Ver como ASCII

Greets! - Apr 21 2005
Desktop Integration plugin for aMSN

Various KDE Stuff by isma 18 comments

Ok, Thanks. It's done.. now it uses plugins_log. Just a little question.. how to see that log? I've tried key combinations.. but no luck. And, who should I send it in amsn?

Greets! - Mar 29 2005
Konqueror Search (Mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by earth 21 comments

Yeap, you're right about these current methods, I use them a lot (I mean, the "/" search & dropdown list), but think they're a bit "hidden" to the user. The same thing about locate kioslave (what I think it's one of greatest advance in usability) and generally all kioslaves. Tools are there, and are good, but they're a bit like a puzzle, each one come from its own father & mother (spanish expression - I'm not sure it you know what I mean).

And I think this topic is about a way to find files inside a big folder, just typing a "pattern", like in webbrowser mode. By the way I remember you can also use wildcars in location bar, and the filters are a good tool too. But again what I'm saying.. they're all a bit hidden inside the hundreds of konqueror features. (SHIFT + CURSOR are great! thank for the cheat) - Mar 13 2005
Konqueror Search (Mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by earth 21 comments

I forgot to mention, that it could be used also to search for text in a webpage when using konqueror as a webbrowser. What dou you think? - Mar 12 2005
Konqueror Search (Mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by earth 21 comments

Yeap, I think also it would be a great idea. Konqueror needs to improve its search way as well other apps are doing (have you try new KPDF search bar? It's increadible). It remains the unusable search panel like the W9x one.

But adding a new search bar near to dir bar would be a bit bloating (Google bar, search bar in directory, etc.) Couldn't be a little textbox in status bar, with the behaviour you have said, like KPDF one? Or maybe it brokes usability rules or something? I don't know far about KDE design rules. - Mar 12 2005
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Hi! I'm using that great app: "superkaramba" (

All of those nice things on the desktop are themes for superkaramba. You can find lots (I really mean lots) of them in (maybe you are in, under Karamba section or in superkaramba website. Themes I'm currently using (I can't live without them) are the following:

Liquid Weather ++

TMon liquid/keramik

Chrome Clock - Jan 20 2005
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

OK, to install the service menu just extract the .desktop file that is inside the .tar.bz2 package and copy it to the /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus(it may vary between different distributions, "locate servicemenus" could help). To do this you must have the right permissions (usually to be root) and it will install the servicemenu for all your system.
If you want to install it only for one user, copy it to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus

This is only the servicemenu, so F-Prot Antivirus will have to be installed yet on your system. Download sites for F-Prot are mentioned in previous comments. - Dec 16 2004
the green eye of amarok

Various Artwork by mart 13 comments

Hi! I really like this icon. I think it suits very well the concept (wolfeye and music player) the simpliest and coolest way, as it is not an "abussive" way. It's very recongnizable too. In fact, what else, even more than an speaker, reminds a media player than the "play" symbol? Also the green, shiny color inside... really candy for the eye

It fits also in Crystal theme very well. And impressive... man, I first tried amarok the day I saw your icon! I'm using it since then with this icon, and I'll be using it even if it's not the chosen one.

In my opinion, this icon says amaroK - Dec 10 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

OK, really thanks, I've received your translation right and uploaded it. - Nov 27 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Hi. I'm using an improved taskbar (called Taskbar v2), you can find at
It allows you to have a transparent taskbar and also shows thumbnails for current apps. It's a great improvement, try it :D. - Nov 27 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Well, if any of both options works I just really don't know why. The last thing we can test is permissions. Make sure the desktop fil has permissions for ll the users: chmod +rw /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/f-prot_virus_scan.desktop

I think permissions are ok but just to test...
If it doesn't work, unfortunately I can't tell you what else to do. Perhaps migrating to debian... ;p

So then, greets. - Nov 22 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Oh, so I don't know what can it be the problem then... I understood all the commands worked well by itself, and also the servicemenu, once you have created the temporal folder. The %U is intended only to work when you use the servicemenu.

Anyway I'll submit a new .desktop file, with an option to see the progress of scanning in a terminal window. (It only executes f-prot in a konsole window but may be also useful) It does not use temp files so maybe it works for you... - Nov 22 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Well, then I supose all the problems come because of the temp directory. I'll try to find a way to use one valid for (almost) all the systems. If you can find one working for you.. great! BorgQueen, if you've find that every line works by itself then it should work alltogether. Don't mind the f-prot %U ... doesn't seem to work. The %U is replaced by all files selected when choosing the servicemenu.

PS: I didn't think before that a little update like this could give any problem. This makes me really appreciate the work of all that developers submitting real good apps and taking care of all the bugs and wishes. OpenSource Rules... XD - Nov 21 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Ok, as any other servicemenu it's quite easy to install:
1.- Extract the .desktop file that is in the .tar.bz2 package you download (for example, by using ark or any of the thousands ways that KDE provides to make it easy).
2.- Then copy that .desktop file to directory /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus and you'll have it working (I expect so) in konqueror.

That directory is the one used in debian. I don't know if the other distributions will use the same one. If you don't know you can search for it (locate servicemenus) - Nov 21 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Sorry but it's impossible for me to test on those OS since I don't know anyone using them. So I ask for your help making a little test (just to see where can be the problem). I think the problem may be in the shell interpreter used internally by konqueror on your systems, that may use a little bit syntax than mine one (/bin/sh, symlink pointing to bash).

I'd like you to test every command in the Exec line by itself, using a shell terminal:

f-prot "anyfile" > ~/.kde/tmp-box/f-prot.${USER}.log
This should work as you have said before

cat ~/.kde/tmp-box/f-prot.${USER}.log
Just to see if the temporal file with the info is there

kdialog --textbox ~/.kde/tmp-box/f-prot.${USER}.log --caption "`head -1 ~/.kde/tmp-box/f-prot.${USER}.log`" --icon=viewmag 600 400
The last thing and probably the one failing. If the other things work and this doesn't, please try this simplified line:
kdialog --textbox ~/.kde/tmp-box/f-prot.${USER}.log

It'll be very helpful if you can test this few lines and tell me what's not working. Sorry that I can't test this by myself. If any other RH or FBSD user (or from other systems) has this same problem and want to give a little hand, please try this as well. Greets. - Nov 21 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Hi again. After writing the last message, I've found another dowload site for F-Prot Antivirus via its FTP server. It makes you doesn't need to register your data to dowload it. The FTP folder is - Nov 20 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Hi! I don't know why doesn't it work in your system. Make sure you have F-Prot Antivirus properly installed. It can be downloaded from, where you have either the tar.gz file or the RPM package. It's not free software but it's freely (free of charge) available and updatable. In debian there is a package f-prot-installer which does not actually installs the software (due to license restrictions) but makes it easy to download from the vendors site. I think there can be a similar package for RH.

If the antivirus is properly installed (exists /usr/bin/f-prot or so) There can be a problem with kdialog or temporal files. If this is your case please test whether f-prot.user.log is in your /tmp folder (/tmp/kde-"user" in last version). - Nov 20 2004
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus by isma 47 comments

Hi! I've not been able to make mktemp work in the servicemenu. I think it's because it cannot set the shell variable properly as it would do in a shell script. I think that current temporal name: fprot-user.log its descriptive enough not to override any other user temp file or symlink.

Anyway, I've moved the temporal file to the /tmp/kde-user dir (via the ~/.kde/tmp-box symlink)as you suggest becuase it's a better way to "isolate" the temp file between users. I didn't notice that way before so thanks. I expect nobody has problems with that temporal name.

Greets. - Nov 20 2004
Well, I tried that method you suggest (open with... /path/to/kget) some time ago and the only result was that KGet tried to open the file AFTER Mozilla DownloadManager had downloaded it yet in its own way.

To the author: Really thanx for this extension, I hated Mozilla dropping out my downloads after thousands of kbytes had yet crossed through my slow modem. This marks a new era in my internet download expierence. Greets - Sep 16 2004

Plasma 4 Extensions
by giucam

Sep 19 2009