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Markus Göbel Bad Schí¶nborn, Germany

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Jul 14 2012
I'm running the most recent version of Daisy on Kubuntu 9.10 + KDE 4.4 from Backports without any problems.

Just grab the Daisy source package, extract it and run the included install script as root.

This way you don't have the dependency issues of the deb build against Lucid libraries. - Feb 20 2010
This dock plasmoid ist just awesome. Once it's more feature complete (tray support...) this should definitely replace the taskbar in the KDE default installation. After KDE 4/Plasma brought all this eyecandy and nice new features, such a dock is the only thing still missing to make KDE look like a really modern and advanced desktop.
Much better than the plain, old K menu, taskbar, system tray stuff which reminds me too much of Windows.

Though one strange thing I noticed: In mode "hide only when a doch-hiding button is clicked" the drawer effect is not working. Instead, if several instances of applications are running I just get some sort of popup menu with a plain list.

In the other hide modes, the drawer effect is working just fine (but has the problem, that drawer elements are sometimes hidden by other plasmoids. The drawer elements should always be on top).

Is this the intended behaviour?

Also the key combination, when defined, doesn't seem to have any effect. What is suposed to happen, if this key combination is pressed? At least it doesn't bring up the dock when it's hidden. - Aug 30 2009

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Aug 02 2009
I'm having the same issue. When adding the plasmoid to my desktop, plasma is completely crashing.

I'm running
Kubuntu 9.04
KDE 4.3

including dependencies are also installed. - Aug 16 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

Score 81.9%
Aug 30 2009