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Great Cthukhu Orsay, France
Perfect Gnome Suite

GTK2 Themes by Sekkyumu 56 comments

Hi - I really enjoy your work, but I have a little problem : my gnome control center complains about a "gtk+ engine not installed".

So my question is : what Gtk+ engine should I install to fully enjoy your work ?

Thank you
- Oct 21 2008
Zen Fjord

Wallpaper Other by IndyGroumpf 2 comments

Thanks a lot, your comment is really appreciated ! - Sep 11 2008
Sunset in Trondheim

Wallpaper Other by IndyGroumpf 2 comments

Can you please try to download the other picture I uploaded (called Bonneilles) and tell me if you have the same trouble. - Sep 09 2008

Wallpaper Other by corws 5 comments

I love the misty effect on background. Where was it shot ? - Sep 08 2008