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Sander van Grieken Rotterdam, Netherlands
Amarok 1.x Scripts

Amarok 1.x Scripts 32 comments

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Dec 19 2009
Cool, thanks for the kind words! Sorry I'm a bit late answering, but I just found out about your post by accident :)

I just tried your amarok2 version of CoverPrint. It works very well! Funny to see the same old (boring) template after all these years :) - Jul 16 2014
yeah now I remember what was the problem.. Amarok 2 doesn't keep that xspf file updated, and at the time I found no means to forcefully save the playlist to xspf just before calling the cover rendering.

If it's possible now, notify me, and I'll see what I can do. Still a happy 1.4 user though, so don't hold your breath :) - Dec 19 2009
yes, I'm planning to, as soon as amarok can export the playlist as XML.. Last time I checked it didn't do that. - Jun 27 2009
strange. can you send me your playlist (current.xml) just after (trying to) print? - Aug 26 2007
You can swap every occurrence of Artist and Title references in the render.xsl file to achieve that.

Furthermore, the ability to open the generated cover in Inkscape for postprocessing is a great idea. As soon as I have a little spare time I'll look into it. - Jun 30 2007
is this still the case with the 1.4 version? - Apr 01 2007
no I didn't get your mail. must have been catched by the spam filter. Please send again! - Feb 05 2007
you could take a look at how the 'artist' and 'title' parameters are used in the template. If SVG supports embedding bitmaps you could pass the filename of the bitmap as a parameter as well. - Dec 18 2006
I cannot reproduce the error you mention, but it might be that the playlist contains special characters that xsltproc chokes on. mail me your playlist xml and I'll try to diagnose it.

you idea for printing directly on CD is very nice, but unfortunately I cannot test that since I have no cd label printer. You could however draw up a SVG template (in inkscape) that matches your cd label printer, then I can modify that template to add in the dynamic parts. - Dec 18 2006
No that's not the idea behind this script. CoverPrint is meant to be used when there's no cover art available. Besides, there are other scripts available that do this already. - Jun 12 2006
thanks for the report. should be fixed now. - Jun 12 2006
I've put the dependencies in the description. If you install CoverPrint through amarok/KHotNewStuff itself it already showed them though.

Screenshots are coming :)

But what do you mean with the right extension? This is not the only script that distributes as .tar.bz2, nor do the packaged scripts have script directories ending in .amarokscript.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. - Mar 21 2006
Big Blue

Plasma Themes 3 comments

by MaMuS
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May 23 2011
nice fresh theme! thanks.

Only the volume and screen brightness 'progress bars' could be made a bit nicer, there's almost no contrast.. - Apr 05 2012

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
First of all Amarok2 is not Amarok 1.4 with an increased version number, but a new application.

It's still a media player, no?

And if it's a new application, why quote "Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!", which was an endorsement for amarok 1??!!

Don't know which version you're using, but it must be pretty old. I assume buggy Jaunty with 2.0.2.

You're right, I'm on Jaunty. A while back I made an attempt to compile from source, but the mysql-embedded dependency was a little strange, and at that time to much hassle to satisfy. Maybe I should try again, or find a more polished .deb

And don't write us, if you mean solely you.

I never did. Maybe you should read my comment again?

Can't see any contribution from you on the official forums.
Perhaps the headline contains an error and it should be This boy sucks.

ad hominem. too easy. Besides, I did contribute an Amarok1 plugin, but apparently being a forum spammer on the official forum carries more weight.

- Jul 06 2009
Amarok 1.4 was easily the best player I've used, but v2 disappoints and keeps disappointing, even after all this time.

Wasting screen real estate with large unused spots and a non-removable, in your face plasmoid section, awful playlist usability, no drag-n-drop from playlist or collection to a filemanager, and all kinds of other annoyances.

And instead of focussing on usability and reimplementing the small but essential features that Amarok 1 gave us, the devs keep overreaching and re-re-re-implement 'eyecandy' here and plasmoid there.

I switched to Exaile. It isn't perfect, I had to patch it a little to get the drag-n-drop working, but at least it doesn't annoy me like Amarok 2 does.

- Jun 30 2009

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Mar 30 2006
What about source and distro-packages? - Mar 21 2006

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by hefee

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Jul 16 2014
Big Blue

Plasma Themes
by MaMuS

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Apr 05 2012

System Software
by dsvilko

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Mar 19 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by hefee

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9   Jul 16 2014
Big Blue

Plasma Themes
by MaMuS

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9   Apr 05 2012