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Sam hands
I've added a much more complete theme set. - Feb 22 2006
aMSN smileys for Kopete

Emoticons by Delawen 2 comments

Thanks for sharing this with us.

If you'd like to have the ability of using these icons normally in addition to animated emoticons in the same set you might want to take a look here:

I very much appreciate the work done to allow people to have a comparable experience between Kopete and MSN Messenger. The only thing that I wished I could do was access some of the more powerful features at the same time. So, I merged some emoticon sets and decided to share back. - Feb 22 2006
Animated Emoticons For Kopete

Emoticons by wsjunior 53 comments

I have posted the set on its own here on kde-look along with a screenshot of what's included.

There are 391 emoticons within the file, but the last time that I installed it in Kopete only 389 seemed to be available. I haven't tried to troubleshoot this yet to find out which ones are missing since I haven't had the time. The rest definitely seem to be working though. - Feb 22 2006
Animated Emoticons For Kopete

Emoticons by wsjunior 53 comments

I have taken your file and integrated it with two other separate emoticon theme files from this website. They are the MSN and Yahoo! emoticon files. By doing this, the animated emoticons can be used alongside the MSN emoticons or the Yahoo! emoticons. (I had to edit the xml a very small amount to fix a few conflicts with common symbols in the MSN file.) There is a file for each.

I wanted to do this so that when chatting with others you can see the emoticons the way that the other person thinks they'll look. It helps to avoid any possible confusion. (It would also really help if the Kopete developers could make it so that an emoticon theme could be set within an account to override the global emoticon theme.)

I have also modified the xml to allow the emoticons to be used with all CAPS. I did this because after using the animated emoticons a bit while chatting with my brother, he wanted to use some of the animated emoticons in his messages (using MSN messenger), but he could only do it by typing the associated text. It didn't work when using all caps. It should work with my new file.

I would like to share what I have done. The only problem is that I can't upload the files to this site, and I don't have anywhere else to upload the files. - Dec 22 2005