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Jan 05 2012
I've not updated the theme to work with gnome 3.4 yet. I'll do that when I get enough time. - May 05 2012
That's how they are styled. The gtk3 theme isn't an exact copy of the gtk2 one. Pidgin is gtk2 and will be updated to work with gtk3 soon.

I didn't make the gtk2 theme, I ported it to gtk3, and I don't have enough knomledge of gtk2 themeing to make tabs like that.

If you still want to have tabs like that, you can open gtk-widgets.css and replace lines 1099-1159 with this

* notebook *
.notebook {
background-color: shade (@bg_color, 1.02);
background-image: none;
border-radius: 3;
padding: 3;

-unico-inner-stroke-color: alpha (shade (@bg_color, 1.26), 0.3);
-unico-inner-stroke-gradient: none;

.notebook tab {
background-image: -gtk-gradient (linear, left top, left bottom,
from (shade (@bg_color, 0.97)),
color-stop (0.80, shade (@bg_color, 0.95)),
to (shade (@bg_color, 0.92)));
padding: 2 1 0 1;

-unico-border-gradient: -gtk-gradient (linear, left top, left bottom,
from (shade (@bg_color, 0.86)),
to (shade (@bg_color, 0.84)));
-unico-inner-stroke-color: alpha (shade (@bg_color, 1.26), 0.34);
-unico-inner-stroke-gradient: none;
-unico-inner-stroke-width: 1;
-unico-outer-stroke-color: @transparent;
-unico-outer-stroke-gradient: none;
-unico-outer-stroke-width: 1;

.notebook tab:active {
background-image: -gtk-gradient (linear, left top, left bottom,
from (shade (@bg_color, 1.1)),
to (shade (@bg_color, 1.02)));

-unico-border-gradient: -gtk-gradient (linear, left top, left bottom,
from (shade (@bg_color, 0.84)),
to (shade (@bg_color, 0.8)));

.notebook tab .button {
padding: 0;
- Jan 13 2012
Can you link to a screenshot, because the tabs work for me. - Jan 12 2012
The icon theme is Awoken. You have choose the folder type as s11 during customisation. - Jan 12 2012
You have to change the selected_bg_color in gtk.css and settings.ini :) - Jan 08 2012
Gnome-color-chooser is not compatible with gtk3. But you can easily change the colors in the gtk.css and settings.ini files - Jan 05 2012
Fixed now :) - Jan 05 2012
The gnome-shell theme hasn't been updated. I accidentally posted the wrong one and now I've lost th updated one. I'll remake it soon. Thanks for the patience :) - Nov 25 2011
I used those [url] [/url] tags only. I don't know why they shouldn't work. - Nov 10 2011
Thank you :)
This them is for gnome 3.2 where we dont have an appearance properties app like gnome 2.x, so no drag-n-drop installation is possible. If you're using gnome2 than you can obviously do that. :) - Oct 27 2011
have a look now :D :D - Jul 02 2011
can you explain a bit more about the buttons? - Jul 02 2011
thank u.. :) i'm glad it works for u.
P.S. there r nasty bugs in newer revisions of the engine which cause strange pink backgrounds so i insist on keeping r69 for now. :) - Jul 01 2011
thank u so so much for the nice comment.. :D :D actually i know nothing about gtk2 themes, but still i've started making my own theme(i'm learning a lot :D) hopefully it'll be something beautiful and usable.. :D :D
Have a look - Jul 01 2011
thank you very much.. :D - Jul 01 2011
i think its a bug in unico, and it appears sometimes while sometimes it doesn't. - Jun 28 2011
i dont know if a package is available. If not then you have to compile it from bzr. - Jun 28 2011
try changing the requied gtk version in
Or u could try an older revision(-r 69) - Jun 28 2011
i've corrected most of the things but i'll upload it tomorrow, really sleepy ryt now. i also found this new kickass gtk3 theme engine called unico. I hope it'll improve some of the things..:)

n yea i didnt make the gtk2 version, n unfortunately i'm not familier with gtk2 themeing, so no props there bro.. - May 24 2011
1. I cant figure out whats the problem with the comboboxes. I promise that i'll rectify that if i find it out.. :)

2. The tabs in nautilus are due to nautilus. The width and the close button's offset isn't controlled b y the theme, so it'll unfortunately remain that way.

3. Some styles like buttons are different. It's because of the limitations of the themeing engine. The buttons in the gtk2 version are drawn using murrine, while i just have css in gtk3, that leaves me just with gradients. I cant exactly replicate thecomplex gradient in those murrine button with gradients alone, n using images is out of the question, because they stretch.. n yea, i cant remove those stripes from the progressbars..

I am happy that someone is taking time to point out my mistakes. This is my first theme and i'm happy that people like it. Please tell me if u find any other glitches, i'll try to rectify them.. :) :) have a nice day.. :) - May 23 2011
thank u so much.. n yea i've updated the theme, it should be ok now.. :)
btw the wallpaper is this [link][/link] - May 20 2011
Thank u for pointing that out. Actually i'm still figuring out gtk3 themeing, so i'll just try to solve the issue.. :D - May 15 2011
thank u so much.. :) i'm glad u like it.. - May 15 2011
Elegant Brit gtk3

GTK3 Themes 47 comments

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Nov 13 2011
I'm glad you like it. Netbeans, and other java apps as well, do not play nice with dark/semi-dark themes. So there is probably nothing we can do to fix it. - Dec 27 2011
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
About the changes, I've been working on this again and I've made some changes like icon size, button size and hover states, message tray etc. Not so sure about the font size though, you can increase it if you prefer, it's only css :).
I'm also making some other changes like nicer images for highlighted activities etc. I'll update it in a few days. :)
Sorry for replying so late :P - Dec 04 2011
This is the high-contrast theme, comes with gnome :) - Dec 04 2011
well that won't work, because i dont think it's possible to define separate borders in gtk3 yet.but i'll cetainly do somethimg.. :) - Jul 15 2011
thank you so much. :D
Actually the line under the menubar is done as a gradient(with percentage position values). I'll do it again using pixel values(or a pixmap maybe.. :)) - Jul 13 2011
Just ask me if u have any problem buddy.. :) - Jul 10 2011
thank you

reduce titlebar font size by 1 unit.
For panel font-size, u have to edit in the css. Find 9pt and replace it with 10pt or such.. :) - Jul 09 2011
thank you so much.. :) - Jul 07 2011
Well slickness is a pixmap theme. I can try to port it but many things will simply be exactly different, like menus, scrollbars etc. see - Jun 11 2011
thank u so much. :) :) - May 20 2011
1. I have no idea why nautilus shows like that
2. Decrease the titlebar font size, th white line will be gone.. :)
3. I'm trying to solve that problem..

thank u for pointing those out.. :) - May 20 2011
i can make a dark version but only for gtk3. I dont know anything about gtk2 themeing.. so ur gtk2 apps will look inconsistent.. - May 20 2011
thank u so much.. :) the icon theme is high-contrast, comes with gnome..:P - May 20 2011
thank u.. :) i'm glad it worked for u.. :) - May 20 2011
Plz redownload and see. I've updated the theme. - May 20 2011
thank u so much.. i'm glad it works for u.. :) :) - May 19 2011
I'm using it on parabola x64(thats the same as arch), and i dont have the problem. I also had fedora on another partition, n the theme works there too. Though i've made some changes that'll hopefully solve the problem, i'll release an update today. :) - May 18 2011
what distribution are u using, and do you have the latest updates installed?? unfortunately i dont have these issues, n im using it on parabola gnu/linux (fork of arch). I'll try it out in fedora too though.. i'll go through the code again in case i've left something..:) - May 16 2011
I've updated the theme. U can try now.. :) - May 16 2011
thank u so much. I'll try to fix those bugs today.. :) - May 15 2011
Elegant Revisited

GTK3 Themes 10 comments

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Nov 14 2011
You should never copy themes to /usr/share/themes. Always copy them to ~/.themes or ~/.local/share/themes - Nov 25 2011
Thank you :)
I use gimp 2.7.3 and I don't have this. - Nov 25 2011
I'm glad you like it :) - Nov 25 2011

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Oct 24 2011
Nice and subtle mod.
I would suggest uploading better quality screenshots(Hint:use png instead of jpg :) - Oct 11 2011
Elegant Brit for Chrome or Chromium

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Jul 12 2011
This is great. I dont use chromium but a lot of people do and it'll be a great addition to their elegant-brit desktops.. :D
I'll add a link to this in Elegant-brit's description.. :) - Jul 16 2011
Plastiq Gtk3

GTK3 Themes 43 comments

by worg
Score 72.9%
Jul 07 2012
Very nice theme. I have a few suggestions.
*You should remove the separator(try -GtkPaned-handle-size:0;)
*Menubar to toolbar tansition should be somewhat smoother or else partitioned.
*Toolbar buttons need some love.

Its good to see more gtk3 themes coming up.. :) - Jun 28 2011

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

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May 30 2011
Amazing man... keep it up. Looking forward to updates. :) - Jun 22 2011
Gnome Cupertino

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by trastes

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9   Dec 09 2011
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by gitiret

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9   Oct 11 2011
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3   Oct 09 2011

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by lyrae

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9   Oct 09 2011
Elegant Brit

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by fmrbpensador

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9   Oct 09 2011
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9   Jul 16 2011
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9   Jul 16 2011

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by maskaz

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9   Jun 22 2011

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by sukkel100

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3   May 20 2011

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by mrmars

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9   May 20 2011

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by mrmars

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9   May 20 2011