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Craig Laparo , United States of America
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Beryl/Emerald Themes

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Sep 09 2010
It requires lm-sensors. This might help. - Nov 12 2010
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky 18 comments

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Mar 13 2009

It shouldn't be hard to add separate fields for each ring. I bet you could do it if you're willing to take a stab at it.

As for fluid motion, the script only runs once a second to update. To have a fluid movement, I believe the script would have to update hundreds of times every second, which would eat up your CPU. Of course, I may be wrong; all I know about screenlet python scripting is what I learned from modifying this. - Sep 17 2010
I just updated it so you now have this option. Good idea! - Mar 13 2009
Thanks =] - Oct 02 2008
thanks, glad you like it =] - Aug 04 2008
Thanks, I wish I had a physical clock like this too, preferably a watch. Again, I didn't not create this screenlet, I just modified it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! - Jun 03 2008
Interesting idea! You're right, there are some superfluous blocks. However, I redisigned the layout based on the common analog clock. I like to be able to glance at it, see that one hour block is lit, and know that it's one o'clock. - Jun 03 2008
Gruppled Elementary

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Sep 09 2010
It shouldn't be hard to modify it. If I do so in the future, I'll let you know. Otherwise, you could take a crack at it. - Sep 10 2010
Sorry, I've updated the description and download links. - Sep 10 2010
Gruppled Cursors

Cursors 18 comments

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Aug 16 2008
I'm sorry, i don't know what the problem could be. All i can say is that it works for me. If the problem appears only in Firefox, try installing a different version. If you just downloaded Firefox from the website, try installing it through apt instead. Unfortunately, there is a disappointing lack of a good, clean cursor editor for gnome. - Dec 31 2008
thanks, fixed it! - Aug 01 2008
i just updated it so you might want to re-download... - Jul 29 2008
thanks! i just updated it so you might want to re-download... - Jul 29 2008
thanks, glad you like them! - Jul 29 2008
Glad you like them. I'm sorry, I don't know why they don't show up in the cursor list. If anyone knows, I'd be glad to fix them. - Jul 28 2008

Conky 5 comments

Score 67.1%
Sep 08 2008
Oh, i forgot...turning off the text shadow doesn't work, nor does setting the shadow opacity to 0. Instead, it's like the shadow becomes white rather than transparent. - Oct 09 2008
I'm using this to replace conky, but there are a few issues.

First, the CPU graph (in graph mode) doesn't seem to scale. If i make the height something like 20, the graph itself doesn't seem to change. It's like i have to set the height to 100 or 150 or something in order to see the whole graph.

Also, the processes graph isn't working. I just get blank bars with "0%" at the end.

Finally, it would be nice if there was a way to unify the appearances. It's a pain to have to go through and change all the settings one by one in order to get a consistent look.

Other than that, sweet screenlet. I'll see if i can solve the two bugs myself. I'll let you know. - Oct 09 2008
Wide weather

Conky 8 comments

by Whise
Score 58.0%
May 06 2008
Exactly what i was looking for! A nice feature would be the option to stack the forecast vertically rather than horizontally. If you can't get around to it, maybe i'll do it and post my mod here... - Oct 09 2008
Gruppled Glow

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Aug 16 2008
Thanks! It requires Aurora and Clearlooks. - Aug 17 2008
a0x curset 1

Cursors 7 comments

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Jan 30 2008
I'd love to use this cursor set, but when I extract it to ~/.icons it doesn't show up in the list. I'm using Gnome on Fedora Core 9.

Is there any special tool you used to port this theme? I'd like to port the light version ( - Jul 25 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - White Version

Full Icon Themes 27 comments

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Jul 16 2008
hey, i see you used my Audacity icon...i'm flattered =] - Jul 25 2008
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky 17 comments

by ashy
Score 50.0%
Mar 22 2008
I submitted a modified version that includes the changes you suggested, since I was of the same opinion. - May 24 2008