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Oct 23 2009
Try version 1.0.0, and please follow up on one of the mailing lists, like avogadro-devel if you can't build. - Oct 23 2009
What do you want from ADF output? I'm not sure we can reproduce everything which is available in the ADF GUI itself.

However, you should be able to import ADF output and visualize surfaces from an ASCII TAPE41 file, for example. - Feb 16 2009
Yes, we do intend on writing more input generators, as well as support for scripts for launching calculations. Extensions like this are very easy to add. Right now, we're primarily interested in making sure the "core" is solid (still some work there), but if you have particular input generators, please submit to the mailing list or the SourceForge project tracker.

Thanks! - Jun 14 2007
Well, if dual submission is a problem, then IMHO, applications on the Qt-Apps website should turn up in searches here. After all, all Qt applications will run under KDE. And I'd prefer not to duplicate the work required to update each entry.

But the entry for Avogadro on Qt-Apps didn't show up on this website, so I created a new one here.

If there's some way to merge the entries, I'd be happy to do so. :-) - Jun 02 2007