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Murrine gaia

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Nov 13 2008
From what I saw in the screenshots, the theme looks great. But, when I click on the Download button, it redirects me to Murrina Compact. Is this on purpose? The theme isn't available for download yet? - Nov 11 2008

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Oct 12 2008
Thanks a lot! ;) - Oct 20 2008
Hello again. It seems that the problem was that many of the shortcuts inside of the theme pointed to absolute locations inside of my computer. Therefore, they point to nowhere if someone else is using it. I'll republish the icon set as soon as possible. I'm very very sorry for the trouble I caused.

Thanks for your message, once again. Keep passing by. - Sep 05 2008
Hmmm... That's odd. See, I asked about Intrepid because that would mean that perhaps the new GNOME release had changed the names of icons again. Since you're using Hardy as I am, it's time to take another approach.

Are you noticing those issues you mentioned everywhere? Or just in some particular places (like, only on menus, only on Nautilus windows, etc.) I'll be reviewing the names of the icons and trying to find a solution.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Thanks for your message, it's my pleasure to try to help and give something useful to the community. - Sep 03 2008
Sure. I understand the request, in fact I like both scrollbar solutions. I'm using this one in MurrineGlow to take advantage of the engine's new features.

In order to use ClearGlow's thinner scrollbars, please follow me in these instructions:

GtkRange::trough-border = 3
GtkRange::trough-border = 0

GtkRange::stepper-size = 10
GtkRange::stepper-size = 1

I hope I helped.
Please let me know if you have any further questions and/or issues. Thanks for passing by! - Sep 03 2008
Are you using Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex or any other unstable distro, by any chance? - Sep 03 2008
I disabled RGBA in MurrineGlow on purpose because I personally dislike the omnipresent transparencies (making everything clear, all the time, no matter what, without being able to tune the amount of transparency you want, isn't clever to me, UI-wise). Still, if you want to enable RGBA, just open the gtkrc file, make a quick search for the expression "rgba" and change all FALSE statements to TRUE.

If enabling RGBA rendering is required by many users, it might eventually be a default feature in MurrineGlow. I'd rather see some improvements on how RGBA is implemented on Murrine before doing that. Just that. - Sep 02 2008

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by sora
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Oct 25 2009
I definitely prefer version B. - Sep 11 2008

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Sep 02 2008
I had to remove the link after the issue the previous poster mentioned. I will do a new upload as soon as possible. Sorry and thanks for the message. - Sep 05 2008
I found out that many of the symlinks inside of the version I posted of that icon set were pointing to absolute paths, that is, including my own home folder. That means that obviously they wouldn't work in any other PC because they would be pointing to nowhere. So I've been trying to redo all of the symlinks and checking them all over before doing a new upload. I'm very very sorry for the trouble I caused. I'll be re-uploading Eikon again soon. - Sep 05 2008
Hello there! Thanks for the message and your interest on this theme.

For thicker scrollbars, please open the gtkrc file of the ClearGlow variant you're using and change the following setting:

GtkRange::slider-width = 10 the value you desire. In your case, it should be a greater number.

I hope I helped. If you have any other questions, please ask. - Sep 04 2008
Read above. I just added the link to the theme's description, after reading your request, and many others'. It's just a beta release of the new direction I'm giving to Eikon.

I hope you enjoy it! - Sep 03 2008
Thanks for the compliments!

And the music player is Sonata, a GUI frontend for MPD (the Music Player Daemon). - Sep 03 2008
Oh, and also... Which operating system are you using?

There are some features in the more recent Clearlooks' versions which might lack on, say, Ubuntu Gutsy and others from the same period. - Sep 02 2008
Sudo apps don't use any themes installed in your home folder. Not by default anyway.

You can either install all your themes under /usr/share themes, from now on, OR make a symlink (a shortcut) of your .themes folder inside of /root. - Sep 02 2008
What immediately comes across my mind is indeed the possibility of an engine issue going on.

I would ask you if you have both Clearlooks and Murrine installed, but then again those are already included by default in so many distros...

Just let me know something: after applying any of the ClearGlow themes, try running an application through the terminal. Then tell me what error messages does it present. - Sep 02 2008
I truly believe this tip I found last year on the UbuntuForums hasn't been spread around enough. It worked wonderfully in my case. This is my current configuration:

It was originally a tip to improve the way fonts look on OpenOffice, but, even now that that question seems to be solved, the above link is still very helpful. In the end, font rendering is a matter of personal taste, but give it a try, if you wish. - Aug 30 2008
Oh, and by the way, which theme were you talking about? The icon set? As I already specified in ClearGlow's description, it's a personal collection of icons I found in many sources around the Web, called Eikon. In the past, I already uploaded the icon to, say, file hosts like MediaFire and published the link in the comment box of my previous themes. Since the last time I did it, though, I tried to change and improve the icons and the symlinks between them, so I didn't upload that recent version anywhere yet. I will, though, if anyone wants it, even if it's not really "perfect". - Aug 30 2008
Hello there! Thanks for the message and for the support.
I will take a look in Xfce. Considering I always use Orage in my Xfce sessions, I wasn't aware of that bug. Thanks for pointing that out.

Concerning Synaptic, the answer is yes, it has to do with super-user applications. The programs you use with sudo don't follow the themes you have installed on your home folder. Not by default. You can do one of two things:

- Or you install all your themes under /usr/share/themes, which is a pain in the neck to say the least;
- Or you create a symlink (that is, a shortcut) to your ~/.themes folder inside of the /root folder, which is what I did in my PC.

Let me know if you need any further help. - Aug 30 2008
Thanks for your support to ClearGlow! I'm glad you enjoy it.

As for the details you didn't like that much, I repeat the same question I did to the previous poster. I'm interested in hearing you concerning what would be a good alternative to the current scrollbars, in your opinion. I'd like to keep them dark gray as they are (though that can be changed too), but there are many other parameters, like texture, length, width, etc. Just let me know, if possible. Thanks in advance. - Aug 30 2008
Thanks for answering. I would like to hear you further on the scrollbars, if possible. What would be a good alternative to their current look, in your point of view? I'm studying that precise issue right now. - Aug 30 2008
It would be both helpful and constructive if you specified which quirks did you catch on the theme.

Thanks for the message, and I'm glad that you're enjoying ClearGlow so far. - Aug 29 2008
I'm not sure of what is the problem, but over here the themes seem fine. As you might notice when looking into the gtkrc files, the selected background colors are indeed different. That said, I do know sometimes themes built in similar engines might keep the colors of the previous theme after a change. Just a wild guess, but is there any "revert colors" button available to be clicked, on the GNOME Appearance dialog? - Aug 29 2008
Light Glow Ibex

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Sep 02 2008
I like it a lot! Thanks for bringing this caramel, soft touch to Glow Ibex. I already downloaded it and will try it out on my desktop. Thanks for your work! Keep it up! - Aug 31 2008

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Aug 03 2009
I definitely prefer the CURRENT menu items. It's a lot easier to immediately track where are we pointing to when opening a menu. And therefore, in my opinion, it's easier on the eyes, and also aesthetically pleasant for those who like to have colors around them all the time. Like me, hehe. - Aug 30 2008
Glow Ibex

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Aug 19 2008
Yes, indeed the solution was in installing Aurora. My description of the theme mentions the necessary engines.

As for the icons, my description also said that they are a set by perfectska, called GNOME-Colors. It's the piece of artwork with the best ratings at the moment here at this website. Here's the link:

The only modification I made was the Refresh button. I replaced the original Tango-like one by its equivalent from the Elementary theme (I changed its hue to orange, of course). - Aug 20 2008
The engines are mentioned on the very description of the theme. Please give it a read.

Clearlooks comes by default with the GNOME environment. As for Aurora, it's available to be compiled right here on the websites. Right here:

Some other GTK themes also provide a DEB package with the engine, to be installed in Debian-like distros (including Ubuntu). The LUX theme is a good example. I'm not sure whether the engine was packaged on RPM too, by someone else. - Aug 20 2008

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Aug 13 2008
Concerning the "mess", please read the theme's description and also some previous comments about the same subject. Meanwhile, I'll try to come up with a better solution.

Are you saying that the previous flat Murrine panels were better? Is the pixmap background I'm providing what bothers you? Please be more explicit so that we can actually improve the theme. - Aug 19 2008
Yes indeed. It's actually due to the fact Metacity doesn't allow anti-aliasing of round borders yet. I might eventually modify the Metacity theme in order to include pixmaps instead of trusting in its own rendering abilities. Thanks for your message. - Aug 16 2008
Thanks for the message.

I explained how to take care of it at the description of the theme. Please read it.

I'll try to find out a better solution, as I also said in a previous message, right here at the comment box. - Aug 15 2008
Hi there! Thanks for the message!

To be honest, I don't know (yet) how to do that, or whether it is possible, but it does sound like a nice idea. I'll try to read more about it, if I find any useful information. - Aug 14 2008
I'm using Calibri bold, size 8. - Aug 14 2008
The bug should now be solved. Sorry for this. I'm pretty irritated myself. - Aug 13 2008
OK, the issue is with the old version of the Murrine engine which is on the repos. I guess some new substyle isn't there or something. Oh well. Will have to change some widgets from Murrine to Clearlooks. A shame.

Sorry for that. Repos with old stuff are frustrating. - Aug 13 2008
Oh, well, I'm using a SVN version of Murrine. Dunno if that would be the issue. I didn't insert any new feature in the code. Will revert to the outdated version of Ubuntu's repos to check it out... - Aug 13 2008
Everything is working fine on my PC. I'm clueless for now.

Glow is a set of 16 themes. Are all of them broken on your side? If not, which is? I downloaded the uploaded version of the themes myself, and they're loading fine. I'm trying to find out what is wrong. - Aug 13 2008
Hi there! Thanks for your message. I am aware that some people would prefer to have no predefined pixmap background for their panels. This idea appeared because I personally am not too drawn to the default appearance of panels in pretty much any of the available theme engines. I could just provide the pixmap without connecting it to the theme in the panel.rc file, but then I'd leave the Xfce users (like myself, most of the time), who are often forgotten by most themers, without an easy way to have that pixmap behind their panels if they wanted to, since there isn't a GUI method to pick a pixmap background for the Xfce4-panel. I could also make the panel completely flat, using the Murrine engine, but then I'm currently exploring this kind of smoother design.

That said, while I think of a better, more creative solution than the one that I'm currently providing, you could edit the panel.rc file and simply comment out the following line with a hash sign, like this:

#bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "panel.png"

Save the file and then you'll be able to change the background of your panels the way you wish to. I'll add this information to the theme's description, too. Sorry for this issue, and I hope Glow can keep satisfying you as a user. - Aug 13 2008
Inside the Glow-0.1.5 folder, there are 16 themes which should be put inside your .themes directory. Please take them out of the main folder from archive you downloaded before you install the themes.

If you are trying to install it through the GNOME Appearance dialog, it will not work for the same reason above: all the themes are inside one single archive, so you need to do it manually. If there is a great need for individual archives, I might take care of it in future releases. - Aug 06 2008
Hi there! Sorry for taking so long to answer. I have been quite busy, unfortunately. Lots of stuff to deal with at the same time. As for my font configuration, I followed this post on the Ubuntuforums:

It should be pretty straightforward, but if you need some more advice or explanation, please ask. - Aug 06 2008
Hi! I'm using Calibri, bold, size 8. - Aug 06 2008
Currently you can get them from here:

Meanwhile, I'm changing and perfecting some of the icons, so I'll reupload them to a new location soon. When that is over, I'll post the link here and wherever it is necessary. Thanks for the message! - Jul 30 2008
I believe that would be an issue with the Aurora engine, but I'm trying to find out how to decrease the size of the arrows in the menus. I'm grateful for your message. I hope you keep enjoying Glow! - Jul 30 2008
No problem at all. Check this post I wrote at the UbuntuForums: - Jul 27 2008

To change the size of icons, please open the theme's gtkrc file and look at a line saying "gtk-icon-sizes". It's likely you will achieve the effect you desired if you change the "gtk-large-toolbar" parameter from 16,16 to 24,24 or other value you wish.

As for the font, I'm using Calibri, bold weight, size 8. - Jul 27 2008

To change the size of icons, please open the theme's gtkrc file and look at a line saying "gtk-icon-sizes". It's likely you will achieve the effect you desired if you change the "gtk-large-toolbar" parameter from 16,16 to 24,24 or other value you wish.

As for the font, I'm using Calibri, bold weight, size 8. - Jul 27 2008
Hi there, thanks for the compliments.

I'm using a slightly modified version of Katiola-slim for Xfwm4 (I'm an Xfce user). - Jul 27 2008
Is this ugly?

What exactly are you referring to? - Jul 27 2008
Meanwhile, if the website does not update the info soon enough, there's always this screenshot at - Jul 27 2008
The screenshots WERE uploaded to, but in case you don't know, they always take a while to appear at the themes' webpage, for reasons unknown. But thanks for pointing that out, anyway. - Jul 27 2008

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May 08 2008

(It's from DeviantArt, but I can't really seem to recall the name or the author...) - May 10 2008