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Sep 28 2019

It's already ported (and I'm using it right now).

There was something lost in the process (most notably shorcuts/hotkeys don't work yet), though. - Mar 03 2015
That's a known issue - contrary to the API documentation, kwin doesn't actually expose tabgroups to scripts (See Some cases can be handled by assuming windows on top of others are tabbed, but that's really fragile. - Sep 21 2014
In "Global Keyboard Shortcuts" -> "KWin", there's "Switch to Window Above" (and "Below", "to the Left", "to the Right") for the M-{K,J,H,L} stuff, and "Hide Window Border" for M-U. - Sep 20 2014
There's an email notification, though I'm not quite sure under what circumstances you'll get it (it may be tied to becoming a "fan" here). - May 08 2014
I've improved the settings menu somewhat in current git, and I may make a release in the next week or two.

This list of windows you see is the list of window _classes_ that are excluded from tiling, mostly because they don't work well with tiling. Special windows, like dialogs, are also excluded.

Customization is currently a bit limited (and in 1.6.1 really not explained that well). - May 07 2014
There currently is no direct feedback for _disabling_ tiling (a notification or something like it would probably be nice), but it should work.

Just move a window - if it can be freely moved around, tiling is disabled. If _other windows_ move because you are moving that one, tiling is on. You'll know the difference when you see it.

- May 07 2014
Try switching your window decoration (oxygen works for me, qtcurve doesn't - to be clear this is about the titlebar stuff, not the style). - Jan 11 2014
Hmm... I use kate and dolphin too, so I don't think it's an issue with those specifically.

Do you have window borders enabled? If so, what's your window decoration? (A full screenshot would be nice)

How many monitors do you use?

Which layout do you use? What's your KDE version? What's the script version?

(Also, github is a better place for bug reports, generally, so it'd be nice if you could open one at - Dec 29 2013
I use all of those, but I can't replicate this issue. If you'd like to help, you could send me your ~/.xsession-errors, or try commenting out line 232 ("client.geometry = null") in ~/.kde4/share/apps/kwin/scripts/kwin-script-tiling/contents/code/tile.js (in v1.3.2, that is). - Dec 28 2013

first of all: What's unresponsive - starting, moving, resizing? What programs are you using?

Secondly: You can find older releases on, and install them with "plasmapkg -t kwinscript -u /path/to/release".

BUT: This should be a bug, I haven't seen it, please tell me what it is so I can fix it. - Dec 28 2013
Currently via keyboard shortcut only (defaulting to Windowskey+PgUp/PgDown).

Note though that the default layout is the best tested one, and one of the others lacks features (resizing) - Nov 23 2013

one thing i wanted to ask is about multi monitor support?

It's supposed to do multi-monitor, but it's barely tested as I don't really use it.

If you want to help out, test it and tell me when exactly it doesn't work or how it could be better (though github would probably be a better place for that)

the new kscreen module

Not helpful unfortunately as I can only use what kwin gives me (which should be enough).

also related can the script auto make the tiled windows on screen #2 be sticky so that when you switch desktops on laptop monitor it will still be on screen #2?

Quite frankly that should be something for another script.
- Nov 08 2013
I can't seem to reproduce this, so it's probably related to your configuration or setup (including graphics drivers), but I committed a possible fix.

Can you try 1.2.1? - Nov 05 2013
I've been working on that - it's a bug, not a feature, I just can't seem to isolate it. - Oct 24 2013
Thanks, that did it.

This seems to be a kwin bug, but I can work around it.

See 1.1.2. - Oct 24 2013
Thanks for the info.

I pushed 1.1.1 which should make it retile once you open a window or move something after you changed the panels.

I could reproduce the rebooting issue and it appears to be fixed, too. Please tell me if it isn't. - Oct 23 2013
I know about tabbing in general, it's on my TODO.

However, can you tell me where exactly it's having problems? (e.g. when you tab a window, when you change tabs)

I'm not sure about per-activity stuff yet - it'd introduce additional complexity, and I don't really know how activities work. I'll try, but it's low on my priorities. - Oct 22 2013

I just looked into it (it was on my TODO anyway) and it seems like I can expose it as a config option in the next release (probably some time this week). - Oct 21 2013
Which version are you using?

Just yesterday I pushed 1.0.1 which should deal with just that - you'll have to restart the script though every time you change the panel setup (also be sure to set the panel to "always visible"). - Oct 16 2013
Which version are you using?

Just yesterday I pushed 1.0.1 which should deal with just that - you'll have to restart the script though every time you change the panel setup (also be sure to set the panel to "always visible"). - Oct 16 2013
Aaah cool, that was one of the cases I didn't test yet. I'm uploading a new version right now which should fix some or most of it - currently it's only handled in the default layout, and it does _not_ handle it when the screenarea changes (e.g. you set the panel to autohide). A restart fixes that, though. - Oct 15 2013
Hi and thanks for your feedback.

I've updated the script (forgot literally one line of code), can you reinstall and try again?

Also thanks for reminding me of my own hotkeys :). - Oct 15 2013
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