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Goofy Hound

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Nov 22 2009
thanks a lot - Oct 23 2009
Hi Jörg ! Nice app. can you also provide the source for us non-suse users, please ? - Oct 12 2009
.torrent file editor

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Jun 07 2005
Recent .torrent files don't seem to work. The included ones in /test work just fine, but files from e.g. don't.
btype-test: WARNING: KXMLGUIClient::setXMLFile: cannot find .rc file btype-testui.rc
btype-test: ERROR: Caught exception: Invalid integer

- May 15 2008
Amarok Full Screen

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Mar 20 2007
yes! Thanks a lot! Works like a charm now :) - Apr 21 2007
Most of the time I can only see the Amarok-Logo instead of the actual cover, although Amarok shows the covers just fine in the context bar and in the amarok widgets for superkaramba I tried... Very rarely I can see a cover when the source image is rather large. Is there a "minimum image size" for amarokfs to work or is there a way for automatic upscaling just in case ? I'm using the gentoo ebuild and default theme with amarok 1.4.5... - Apr 12 2007
Bundesliga Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Widgets
by Fxrh

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9   Nov 21 2010