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Ignacio Serantes Nos - Oleiros - A Coruña, Spain
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Neposidekick service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 10 comments

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Feb 09 2011
This version is using old Nepomuk API and I think is buggy and unsupported.

And I did not tested this version for long time ago so probably there are several bugs and problems. - Nov 28 2013
Last version is available here and supports Nepomuk2:

Sadly this version requires Nepomuk2 Python Bindings, not available yet in KDE, but you can download sources from here:
- Nov 28 2013
This is because in your system default python version is python 3.

Edit the file and change:
#!/usr/bin/env python


#!/usr/bin/env python2

On the other side this program is outdated because seems there is no much interest in it but I still using it and I did several changes and removing some not working functionalities.

If you are interested in this program I could release a new version.
- Jul 24 2012
"kde-config" program is missing and is required to locate kde4 user installation paths.
You must install it. - Apr 22 2011

Plasma 4 Widgets 12 comments

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Mar 22 2013
Sure, I'm interested in your changes. - Jul 23 2013
You need kde python bindings installed and the additional Nepomuk2 Python Bindings as I commented in this plasmoid description. - Jul 22 2013
I'm using KDE 4.6.5 and this plasmoid works fine. Try to reinstall kde python packages. - Jul 15 2011
It's really simple :). The problem is that Nepomuk is not ready when Plasma starts so api calls to Nepomuk fails and plasmoid crashes. It's a know and logical behaviour because KDE startup is asyncronous.

You need to use try...except and write your code thinking that component could be not initialized properly. - Jun 01 2010
Nepomuk WebMiner

Database 9 comments

by Etric
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May 13 2013
This is because you have python 3 installed and configured as default.
Install python 2 and you can compile and install webminer. - May 14 2013

Utilities 5 comments

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Feb 13 2010
KSoprano stops working so I fixed the problem and ported to Nepomuk2.

Do you have plans to update this software? - Mar 23 2013
KSoprano stops working so I fixed the problem and ported to Nepomuk2.

Do you have plans to update this software? - Mar 23 2013

Utilities 27 comments

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Apr 14 2013
This patch it's not working in certain circumstances so you must use git version or wait for the next release. - Jun 22 2012
Thank you for help me detecting this bug. This only happens if a file exists in the same path where Nepoogle is launched and the resource has a property which value is the same as that file name.

Fix is available in git or changing the next lines

if fileExists(value):
ext = os.path.splitext(value)[1][1:].lower()


if (((value[0] == "/") or (value[:7] == "file://")) and fileExists(value)):
ext = os.path.splitext(value)[1][1:].lower()
- Jun 22 2012
Where more distance is required. In the resource viewer or in the results list? There is a confirmation dialog so it's really difficult to erase a resource for mistake.

A screenshot of the issue with the preview will be useful.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm just adding drag&drop support to easily add data to resource and a properties deletion button so keep updated. - Jun 22 2012
Maybe in the near future.

Currently I'm helping Sebastian to improve Nepomuk API queries and in short I begin to collaborate with Conquirere developer in a semiautomatic system to add metadata to Nepomuk extracted from internet.

This is enough for me so I will stop adding new features to Nepoogle for a couple of months and only fix bugs.

Currently Sebastian and Joergs accounts are enough for me.
- Mar 06 2012
Integrate this application in KDE would be hard and I don't want to learn C++ because it's not a fun language ;). - Feb 15 2012
I just updated git with new templates for the three ontologies and with the change to default template.
- Feb 09 2012
A quick solution for you:
- Feb 09 2012
This is because nepoogle is using the default template to display this data and in the default template the information displayed is the resource uri.

If you tell me which are the ontologies you have the problem, simply put the mouse cursor over the name in the second column and you could read the ontology name in a tooltip, I can add a new template for that ontology.

I will try to add a configuration file in the next release so users can add and modify the templates as they deem appropriate. - Feb 09 2012
I think you are looking for and interface like this one:

I like this system too but I don't have many free time and learn qml is off limits. Maybe in a far future. - Sep 26 2011
I created an entry using KDE Menu Editor and I associated it with ALT-F1 shorcut. Easy and simple.

About system tray, I'm planing implement a web server so a system tray icon will be mandatory. I must learn how to implement this functionality in Python :). - Sep 26 2011
This was coded in Python and I barely can read C++ so I do not know if I will be very useful.

I'm in my job so I can't use irc here. I will try to find free time in my home.
- Sep 26 2011
Could you put me some examples. Is the search slow or the html build? Times are available at the bottom of the result page. - Sep 26 2011
Thanks! For sure is working but SPARQL query engine needs some improvements and optimizations.

There is no git repository because I coded this script for personal use but sounds a good idea. - Sep 26 2011
Programa PTC

Education Apps 6 comments

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Jun 01 2012
There is no software. This entry must be deleted. - Jun 02 2012
Nepomuk TVNamer

TV & Streaming 14 comments

by trueg
Score 77.8%
Feb 14 2012
1) Uncompress package.
2) Open console in uncompression directory.
3) Execute the next command:

mkdir build && cd build && cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .. && make && sudo make install

You can obtain more information here:

- Feb 15 2012

Plasma 4 Widgets 284 comments

by dridk
Score 68.0%
Nov 30 2010
If you use KTTS we lost support for asian languages. KTTS has a lot of encoding bugs and is not working propertly. Tested with recent KDE 4.3.

This feature shoult not be removed. - Aug 05 2009
GOO lyrics

Amarok 2.x Scripts 18 comments

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Mar 22 2009
If you told me song title and artist name I can try to trace the bug. - Jun 10 2009
Do you have the same problem with manual search?
I must change search engine and add an option to force search server. - Jun 10 2009
Well, I think I got it.

In three different systems in which I have test this code, the html encoding is always with "&" plus "#" as I can see it was a mistaken assumption and my function html2text() fails miserably.

To help with the fix, please send me the html cache file to "kde at aynoa dot net". - Mar 23 2009
Well, I think I got it.

In three different systems in which I have test this code, the html encoding is always with "&" plus "#" as I can see it was a mistaken assumption and my function html2text() fails miserably.

To help with the fix, please send me the html cache file to "kde at aynoa dot net". - Mar 23 2009
Well, I think I got it.

In three different systems in which I have test this code, the html encoding is always with "&" plus "#" as I can see it was a mistaken assumption and my function html2text() fails miserably.

To help with the fix, please send me the html cache file to "kde at aynoa dot net". - Mar 23 2009
By the way with "Lyrics Workshop" all the downloaded lyrics are stored in ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/scripts/lyrics_workshop/cache/lyrics as html files (artist_album_track_title.html).

Please note that in your system KDE configuration files could be in ~/kde/...

Could you check if lyrics are downloaded correctly to rule out totally that this is a problem downloading the lyrics and to confirm that is a display problem. - Mar 23 2009
There is a configuration option in "Lyrics Workshop" called "Storage method" with four options: "xml", "html", "xml, html" and "html, xml".

Can you try if one of this options works for you? - Mar 23 2009
Can you try and tell me if it works well? - Mar 22 2009
I'm using Amarok 2.0.2 but I don't detect any problem with Amarok 2.0.1. Please note that I'm using Qt 4.5 and could be a encoding problem with Qt 4.4.

Open konsole and type:


so you can can view your system encoding and language.

On the other side, launch qtconfig so you can your Qt version in Help -> About Qt menu. - Mar 21 2009
These are html encodings of UTF characters so there could be a encoding related problem.

What version of Amarok are you using and what is the character encoding of your system?

On the other hand, from what server has been fetched the lyrics?

I try the song and GOO lyrics can download lyrics well from "". - Mar 21 2009
GOO lyrics born to fill my need to get the lyrics of my Japanese & Korean music and, as far as I'm concerned, that goal has been achieved.

However, with the daily new ideas have emerged, some quite ambitious, exceeding the initial goal of this tiny project.

For this reason I have decided to cancel this project and begin a general purpose one that will be available in a couple of weeks.

GOO lyrics development will be ended with 1.0 release but I will maintain the script for some time and fix serious bugs.

The new project is in alpha stage but new and excited features are implemented:

- Lyrics translation, using Google.
- Kanji to kana conversion, using
- Hangul romanization.
- Local cache of downloaded data.
- Name equivalences (currently only a text file).

and I working on:

- Configuration dialog and custom server prioritization.
- Cache manual edition for retouching translations and conversions.
- Equivalences interface.

and I looking for:

- A service to romanice Chinese. - Mar 08 2009
Photo of the Day

Plasma 4 Widgets 67 comments

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Dec 04 2010
A system for calling a script that returns the photo's url it would be useful. - May 15 2009

Audio Apps 28 comments

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Feb 08 2012
Well, two app instances happens to me so the problem is not related to close directly lrcShow-X and is related to lrcShow-X instance detection.

I try to reproduce the problem again but I'm not capable. I will try other method to detect lrcShow-X instances and test it. Can I send you to test it before publish it? - Apr 27 2009
Here there is two problems. The solution to menu problem is add a timer and test if lrcShow-X is running and I do not intend to do that. If you start lrcShow-X using Amarok you must stop lrcShow-X using Amarok.

The second problem, the two lrcShow-X processes running, I tried to reproduce but I fail. The bash script code is simple, counts number of process with text and if the number is greater than 1, the count proccess counts itself, the script don't launch lrcShow-X.

On the other hand, I think lrcShow-X should not support multiple instances of itself, or at least an option that was allowed or not. - Apr 26 2009
Yes, my intention is doing and lyrics retriever with some language utilities because I'm a japanese student.

I don't know Evillyrics but is a software which I can get ideas to improve mine.

By the way, thanks for the link. - Apr 24 2009

Furthermore, I thinking to hack lrcShow-X in order to integrate in Lyrics Workshop: start & stop menus, same cache policies, local configuration to avoid interferences with standard lrcShow-X, etc.

I hope that the idea looks good for you. - Apr 20 2009
Hi, I write a stupid Amarok 2 script to automatically launch lrcShow-X.

You can integrate it with your script or I could create a separate project as Amarok2 package. What do you think? - Apr 19 2009
lrcShow-X starter

Amarok 2.x Scripts 7 comments

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May 25 2009
Thanks to you for lrcShow-X :). - Apr 22 2009
Restarting on track change is not a bug, is a feature :).

In some of my test lrcShow-X don't refresh on song change so I restart your script to ensure refreshing.

I will do some test and if refresh works I can change this behaviour. - Apr 21 2009
No, the problem is that script is not marked as executable.

You can solve manually with the next command:

chmod +x `kde4-config --localprefix`share/apps/amarok/scripts/lrcShow-X_starter/

or wait for a bubfix release.

As I can see amarok packages don't respect file permissions.

So sorry for the bug. - Apr 21 2009
Umm, probably the space in path. I will test today at night in home. - Apr 21 2009
udpQtscript receiver

Amarok 2.x Scripts 2 comments

by kinta
Score 50.0%
Apr 10 2009
Really amazing.

I'm thinking in a method to read lyrics from a plasmoid and here is the solution. Brilliant.

In my test seems to be problems with encoding 'áéíóúñ' and for asian characters :(.

Ah, one thing, turn off your firewall or open needed ports ;). - Apr 10 2009

Graphic Apps 5 comments

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Mar 26 2009
I found the problem. In a few days a will upload a new release. - Mar 25 2009
Score 74.0%
May 14 2013
Nepomuk TVNamer

TV & Streaming
by trueg

Score 77.8%
Feb 14 2012
Kiten QML Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Widgets
by rshah

Score 76.7%
Oct 13 2011

by oheidbuechel

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Jan 25 2011
Server Status Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Add-Ons
by MakG

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9   Oct 23 2017
Score 74.0%
9   May 14 2013

System Software
by siv

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3   Jun 08 2012
Programa PTC

Education Apps
by confenalfam

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3   Jun 03 2012
Nepomuk TVNamer

TV & Streaming
by trueg

Score 77.8%
9   Feb 14 2012