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eric rodriguez Austin, United States of America

Cursors by KuduK 50 comments

Just converted the Grey theme using GIMP.

If you want to convert another color, here's what I did in GIMP.

For each image (there's 20 images, the rest are symlinks. Use "file" to see which are symlinks, and which are "X11 Cursor"):

* scale image to 200%
* export as xmc
* Size dropdown "64px"
* tic "Replace the size of all frames even if it is specified" radio button
* Export
* remove .xmc suffix (or recreate symlinks to point to your new file...or move .xmc images to prior non-xmc file - there a few ways to accomplish the same. Whichever floats your boat.)

There's probably (definitely) a more efficient way to do all of the above (tried imagemagick first to no avail). If you know what that way is, please share for future reference. - Feb 15 2016