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Ashley Johnson Hamburg, Germany
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Sep 08 2010
Okay, I program in a self contained language that contains the components to create the program so im limited on resources. When the program i use is updated i will start with the latest qt release. - Sep 09 2010

I used QT because it was embedded into the language i used, i'm also working on a GTK Version :) - Sep 08 2010

That is the source code. The text and files are KBasic programming sources. I built this in KBasic.

Its not C++

It uses the qt library because its the embedded design environment and because it can be ported to other platforms easily.

That is the source. Download KBasic for the free non-registered license and you'll see. - Sep 08 2010
Source Code is now available in the forum. Its under the GPL license.

Please sign up and give feedback. - Sep 08 2010
The source codes are on the server and i can link to them today at some point. I was advised to comment all the code first so i took them down till the comments where finished. - Sep 08 2010