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Edward Nigma
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Baumholder Truppenuebungsplatz

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Jan 30 2006
Nice to see. I was born in Idar-Oberstein, it´s near Baumholder. I wich to see a clipart from the "Old Iron Side" hehe ;) - Jan 30 2006
Gear KDM Theme

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Aug 03 2005
Edit the kdmrc file in /etc/kde/kdm and put the following lines in it.

Theme=/usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/gear - Jul 14 2005
I Don´t know what happend. On my System everything works fine. I use Gentoo and Debian Sid.
could u tell me a little bit more about the errormessage? - Jul 14 2005
Thanx for your suggestions. I made Gear2 and in this theme the boxes have no shadows and round corners. Hope you like this more than the first one. ;) - Jun 16 2005
Shuttle KDM Theme

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Jun 17 2005
I asked him a few days ago and i'm waiting for an answer. Hope i get one. - Jun 21 2005
No, the Wallpaper is not from I found a wallpaper with google and the thing on the right is from this wallpaper. Ihmo looks the original wallpaper totally different. Btw on the page there was no author and no licence.
But when you tell me who made the original wallpaper i can ask him. ;) - Jun 18 2005
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May 22 2005
Great Emoticons. Does more smilies come in the near future? - Jun 18 2005
Gear2 KDM Theme (No Shadow)

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Aug 03 2005
The original wallpaer can be found on

Here is the link - Jun 17 2005

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Jun 16 2005
Meat is Murder! - Jun 16 2005