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AndrĂ© Verwijs Zierikzee, Netherlands
Lying In Wait

Wallpaper Other by nechus 3 comments

please make one for latest (k)ubuntu version (16.10 or 17.04) like it :) - Dec 18 2016

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

great but with OpenSUSE TW black tekst. witch is hard to work with.... - May 10 2016

Plasma Window Decorations by raimis 26 comments

it my favorite!! :) - Jan 01 2016

Full Icon Themes by epsilom 68 comments

nuvoX 0.7.1 (.tar.gz) (.deb) (.rpm)) NOT FOUND!! please upload again....

- Aug 16 2015

Plasma 4 Extensions by EGG01 11 comments

running Opensuse 13.2 "Tumbleweed" and works for me.
You need to install "SuperKaramba" theme manager.

i only need to change background, i have a light (color) wallpaper :)
- Feb 12 2015

System Software by hazel-dev 19 comments

would be better to Add a feature, write to log.
if a program gives a error or crashes, write output to a log file for bug reporting....

- Dec 28 2014
GRUB2 Editor

System Software by artemisfowl2007 115 comments

On OpenSUSE Tumbleweed it works GREAT..!! :)
please working on it, much easier than goofing around myself, crashing my system :)

optional: Maybe add options for theme.txt file

thanks... - Dec 25 2014