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Monoblin themes

Full Icon Themes by Picklesworth 7 comments

Awesome theme, very clean and uncluttered, however two minor issues:

On the main empathy window the title is non-centered, this is the only window where it happens.

Also, I find the fact that whitespaces replace dividers disconcerting. It's *way* too much wasted space.

As a side effect of the above, and I think this is actually a bug because it reduces functionality, the grab areas are also missing. For example the notification area grab bar.


Versus this: - Aug 02 2010
Assuming the fix is in QtCurve-Gtk2-0.62.2, it still doesn't work for me. - Mar 14 2009
Same problem here, using 0.62.2 with 3.5.10. The version I was previously using was 0.60.0, so I can't pinpoint when the regression took place.

In my case it's maping the default KDE icon theme, crystal I think it's named, instead of the icon theme I'm actually using which is BC Tango. - Mar 12 2009
That did it, everything's great now. - Feb 27 2008
I'm running 3.3.8 - Feb 27 2008
Yep, it fixes it for me. With one minor issue: if there is a splitter instead of a frame on the groupbox it now remains behind and overflows into the title. - Feb 27 2008
*sigh* I really wish allowed post editing...

I just noticed The-Q's icon and I'm assuming that, like me, he's running Slackware. Since this is a pretty visible problem, and assuming we're the only ones experiencing it, could it somehow be Slackware specific?

Craig, if you need to check the version of a particular package inluded in Slackware in order to track down the problem, head here:

That list is for 12.0, the version I'm running. - Feb 26 2008
Forgot to mention this isn't dependent on the font being used, it happens for any font you set (the one in the screenshot is DejaVu Sans). - Feb 26 2008
I'm also seeing this, here's a screenshot: - Feb 26 2008
You're right, the bold text doesn't enter into it.

But for me the corner indicator alone doesn't trigger it. Only if Mouse-over: No coloration is also selected at the same time. - Feb 25 2008
Minor correction: you don't need to remove ~/.config/qtcurvestylerc to force the defaults, it seems just setting those three options seems to do it regardless of the other settings in the style. - Feb 25 2008
I'm also getting this behavior, here's how to reproduce:

1. Remove ~/.config/qtcurvestylerc

2. Launch kcontrol and configure the style

3. Set the following in the "General" tab
Default button: Bold text and Corner indicator
Mouse-over: No coloration

4. Apply the theme

Apparently it's a specific combination of these three settings. - Feb 25 2008
Tango Konsole

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TheStalwart 7 comments

A pretty good, low contrast schema.

Just one complaint though: why is magenta orange? ;) - Nov 27 2007
I think I see what the problem with my setup is. The tab colouring seems to stem from the "Selected Background" colour in the overall colour scheme, correct?

For very light colours the tab colouring doesn't seem to kick in at all (or I just can't notice it on my monitor), however if I darken it just slightly I suddenly notice a very big difference.

Bottom line, it's probably something to do with my perception of colour along with the fact that I use very light colours. - Oct 11 2007
Diagonal progress bar stripes! I think it's official: this theme has reached perfection.

Or maybe not ;) There's a problem with bottom placed tabs (in konsole for example) where they don't get coloured if that option is enabled. Place them at the top and they are coloured correctly. - Oct 11 2007
Checked qtcurve.gtk-icons, everything seems fine. There are some lines with "No matching KDE icon" but these are very few and mostly GIMP related.

I don't get any errors when running GTK2 apps from the command line (Firefox, gvim, GIMP, etc..)

Finally I'm using BC Tango 0.6, but I've tried with the default KDE icon theme Crystal SVG and get the same results.

Could there be an override somewhere? - Sep 11 2007
Hmmm the "Map KDE icons" option doesn't seem to have any effect. I'm assuming this means GTK2 apps will pick up the KDE icon theme right? Like the file selector.

I remember this worked a couple of versions back. Any ideas?

Btw, I've skipped the last few versions, but this is looking polished! Good work :) - Sep 11 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by Hirs 26 comments

Ditto :) What style is it? I can't place the rounded menus, but they look pretty slick. - Sep 02 2007

I'll also echo the previous posters's sentiments, although a little less vehemently ;)

Overall I wasn't much affected by the stripping down of configurability since my setup was already pretty close to the new defaults.

I'll make two points though:

First, the vertically stripped progress bars. I don't like them, and I'm not sure how many people out there actually use them. In my opinion they clash with the rest of the theme's simplicity and end up looking "amateurish" next to the polish of the other widgets.

And second the new sliders. From a usability point of view they're not very good, since they present a smaller target to click on. I think they certainly look good, but a bigger clickable area would be nice.

Apart from that, if it makes the maintainer's life easier for an eventual port, I'm all for it. I just think the defaults need a bit of fine-tuning.

Thanks for the release! - Mar 08 2007
BC Tango KDE

Full Icon Themes by boskicinek 36 comments

Great stuff, very complete tango set for KDE.

Some apps are missing icons (kmail seems to be the worst offender), but overall it's awesome. - Feb 04 2007
Pasodoble icon theme for KDE

Full Icon Themes by jesusda 3 comments

Great work, definitely the best implementation of Tango on KDE I've seen so far.

Looking forward to future releases :) - Jan 16 2007
So is this a new dependency? - Sep 24 2006
Similar problem here on Slackware-current:

/usr/lib/qt/bin/moc ./qtcurve.h -o qtcurve.moc
qembed radio_frame.png radio_light.png radio_on.png check_on.png > pixmaps.h
/bin/sh: qembed: command not found
make[3]: *** [pixmaps.h] Error 127

And if I run configure with "--disable-embedded" it also bails out with the error the parent mentioned. - Sep 23 2006
The addition of an animated striped progress bar in 0.42 was great, and reminded me of something I'd love to see incorporated into QtCurve: animated (or not) diagonally striped progress bars. Similar to clearlooks-cairo:

I don't know if this is doable though, given the need to keep Gtk2 and QT in sync. - Aug 27 2006
I've just noticed something else related to the sliders.

In Kaffeine the "filler" stays static when you drag the slider and only gets re-drawn when you release it.

Here's an example:

It's fine in other apps as far as I can see though. - Aug 27 2006
I've noticed a sort of visual artifact in some sliders. This isn't new to the 0.42 version, but I thought I'd mention it. Here's a shot of the kmix applet, one of the sliders where this happens. - Aug 26 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

"A nice suggestion from morteoh: add more breathing room between menu items (vertical space). Menus now look a lot less crammed and cluttered."

... except for those of us stuck on 1024x768. It takes up *way* too much screen real estate for someone stuck on low resolutions, which I suspect aren't in the minority. My Konqueror "Location" menu alone is taking up more than half my screen in height due to this change.

The scroll bar width option introduced in the last version was great and shaved off a few pixels for those who either like things minimalistic or use low monitor resolutions. Could you at least add an option to put the menu's vertical spacing back the way it was? - Dec 08 2005
Gears Wallpaper Pack

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 16 comments

Perfect, thanks! - Nov 08 2005
Gears Wallpaper Pack

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 16 comments

I love these wallpapers, however I actually think the old font looked better.

For that matter, would you consider adding versions with the gears only and no lettering? The simpler the better ;) - Nov 07 2005