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Dmitry Rashkeev
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

Is there a way I can tell gtk-qt not to change my gtk icon theme to the kde one? I use gaim, and not all the icons are mapped, resulting in some really ugly gtk stock/crystal combinations. I'd really rather just use the gtk icon theme and forget about it.I've used gaim on windows for a while, so I've gotten used to it looking different. I'd switch to kopete, but it doesn't really have any features.

--Dmitry - Jul 25 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nunogomez 27 comments

I agree with the ideals of the project: a desktop environment should not overwhelm users with options, should be consistent, and work like the user expects it to. That does not that it shouldn't have any features. Just that the configuration of said features needs to be intuitive. That's one thing I have found annoying about the gnome environment. While they did some good things on overall desktop UI, their interface guidelines tend to produce applications which have few options, like the many, many itunes clones that never do make it to the ease of use of itunes, or epiphany which isn't as configurable or any more easy to use than mozilla firefox (although it's getting better). If you continue with this project, I hope you consider redisigning dialog boxes instead of removing functional code. - Jul 22 2005
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

I like your English skills: I wouldn't think you were Russian at all if I hadn't seen that little paragraph at the bottom.

First of all, I wanted to mention that kde-look requires all posts to be in English. Second of all, I believe it requires the use of appropriate language. While I respect your opinion (and I did not leave Russia by my own free will, believe me), and understand that many others in the motherland feel the same way you do, I cannot respect you saying what you did in Russian so obviously to obfuscate the offensive nature of the post. Calling me a sell-out is all fine and dandy, but can't you say it to my face?

To call an emigre a traitor is much like calling a Jew living away from Israel a sell-out: while we all admire the ones who stayed, there's not much the ones who left could do about it.

If you did indeed stay to help the motherland as that paragraph implies, you might at least have had enough self-respect not to be cowardly.

As for the rest of your post, I agree with everything you said. I think our only point of contention is that you seem to see Communism as it was, as opposed to what it became. I maintain that to glorify communism is a slap in the face of our (sadly common) heritage: the star and the hammer and sickle are soviet symbols; the Chinese, for instance, use yellow stars on red background.

I would be very grateful if you took a look at the comment and asked yourself whether such people are really assets to the "rodina."

-D - Jun 06 2004
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

If we're going to discuss this issue, let's do it in a civilized manner, showing respect for all members of our great community. No need to be personally insulting...

While I don't agree with the author's message, ranting doesn't solve problems any more than revolutions do.

-D - Jun 06 2004
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

Oh, an one more thing, by posting a wallpaper that hypothesizes on the cold war "going the other way," you're implying that you do, in fact, support the communist government in Moscow, which you (in several posts) vehemently deny. If you want to change the world, don't use a name that has been sullied.

-D - Jun 06 2004
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

Wow, thanks for the quick reply.

I was just interested, how do you yourself imagine the conversion of the US into a heaven of the proletariat? And what exactly will this heaven look like? Just how do you propose to "do communism right" as opposed to "doing communsm wrong" like Lenin, Stalin and the like?

By the way, when was the last time the US government persecuted a US citizen solely for political motivation? And how many cases have there been in the last, oh, sixty years? By saying that the US is "not much better" you're implying that the level of opression here is similar to that in the USSR, but show me the man who was arrested for protesting against the war in a peaceful manner. Any problems you may see with the regime have nothing to do with the government but instead with the market (rather stupidly) realigning itself with the will of an uneducated and impulsive mass. There is nothing you can't fix here through educational means. If the problem with communism is human nature, we must work to change it so everyone acts according to the ideals that you profess, instead of having to be forced to do so. Only through extensive education of the public can we even hope to improve the world situation.

-D - Jun 06 2004
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other by johanneswilm 44 comments

Coming from the former USSR, I often wonder why Communism is considered so "cool" in these here parts... No one would dream of posting a swastika on kde-look, yet red stars are becoming quite the norm. A huge chunk of my family spent time in the camps during the Kulak repressions, all for being enterprising citizens. In my memory, my grandmother would never talk of her time spent there (she was two years old). My grandfather remembers finishing research projects with a Kalashnikow in the small of his back (a peculiar way of enforcing deadlines). Communism started as a dream of freedom, and ended as the apotheosis of opression. While I support free speech, I would suggest people excercise better taste when posting: there's no use in remembering a dream which turned into a nightmare.

The only reason you can post such a thing is because the country you live in does not follow the very ideals you glorify.

-D - Jun 06 2004
deb for kwin3.2.2 with shadow patch(Sid)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by shlomil 13 comments

How are you getting that shadow under kicker? Is that done in the wallpaper, or by kwin? For some reason, it does not show up on my debian unstable (apt-gotten a day or so ago). - Mar 15 2004
remove ~/.kde/applnk, and run update-menus. Worked like a charm for me. - Mar 12 2004
Linuks... Mislite o tome!

Wallpaper Other by urke 4 comments

Well, if my knowledge of Russian serves me well, the rough translation would be "think about it." In Russian it would be "мыслите о том", or said a little less clumsily, "думайте он нем."

Cheers - Nov 23 2003
new keramik? drop shadows? now?

Various Stuff by sheean 11 comments

Well, It seems I had to make likdefx anyway to get keramik to work. This means drop shadows are hiding around here somewhere. Does anyone know what the config option is? Maybe someone running 3.1a with shadows can go grep -R * -e shadow -i in the .kde config directory, and see if there's an option. - Aug 15 2002