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Dominik Konieczny
Well, now it doesn't delete pics from temp folder at all - so if I "send to tdb" pic1.jpg and after a while I want to send pic2.jpg it creates a new message with pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg in it.

Other thing - I found ti works properly if the thunderbird is closed... So at the moment I'm happy, but if you correct it I'd be happier.

Anyway - thanks for support! - Nov 11 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts by heatseeker 32 comments


I like yuor script very much, but I have one question - is it possible for script to add a cover art from eg: amarock database?? It would be ideal than ;-) - Oct 28 2007

I have uninstalled and installed the script once again, I have corrected installation of the java on my computer and it's getting better - program resizes the images, opens the new message in thunderbird but it deletes files in temp file a bit too quick.

Actually it deletes files in temp directory just when the message is created, so when I click on "send" button, there are no files to be send... can you please advice??

If I ask it to save files on disk it works perfectly, but I need that option that attaches files to new email...

That is one of not too many features that my girlfriend requires from operating system - Oct 28 2007

I have Mandriva 2007.1 and it doesn't work for me - it doesn't add selected jpg's.... pleas advice - Jul 07 2007