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by csgib
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Jul 30 2013
Hm... i'm sorry.... :-(((( with sidux (debian) it works... unfortunatly I don't know the mechanism of rpms :-((( - May 06 2009

the program-file must be in
and the language-files must be in

I hope, this will help you.

Dieter - May 06 2009
Hello poeschi,

you wrote:
"I compiled everything successfully and the program works well, except when I try to create preview pictures of the movie for the menue. When I try to do this, a window comes up showing me pictures from the movie (looks cool), but after the initial motion I have no clue how to scroll through the pictures to choose one. Mouse? Keyboard? how?"

If you use the german version.... :-(((( My mistake. I translated too much. I corrected it, and it will usable in next version. If you making a right click of a video and choosing "Miniaturbild des Video" the window, you mentioned, will come up and you will see three buttons then: preview, ok and next. So you can browse through all pictures and select a appropiate one.

You wrote:
"And: I usually like to choose a picture from the movie showing the title. In old ManDVD it was easy by waiting for the right second, create a screenshot (with your photo icon) and save it. How can I do this in 2ManDVD?"

Therefor you go to your medias. Click one media and then choose "Kapitel erstellen". A new window will come up and will show you the video. Under the video you can see a few buttons. The second one from left is showing a cuttor. Click this and you can save your screenshot as a jpg-file.

Dieter - May 02 2009

yes, it was an error of me. I translated too much :-)))

I sent corrected files to St├ęphane minutes ago. If you want, I can send you corrected german language files based on V0.8.4 via mail too.

Dieter - May 02 2009
Hello mada,

fine. It seems to be a problem with the spec-file :-(((

And yes. There are no icons at the menu buttons at the moment. I corrected it and the new german language files WITH icons will be in the next version. - Apr 30 2009

I don't know Fedora. Perhaps it's an issue with the spec-file or your locale.

I'm using sidux and locale de_DE.UTF-8. With this both, the files loaded from here and unpacked in a seperate subfolder and the official *.deb-package are fine.

Please try the tar-file from here. Download it, uncompress it in a subfolder, open a console, change into subfolder, then as root qmake and make. If this is ok with your enviroment, the failure is the spec-file. If this not works, then the problem is your locale. - Apr 30 2009
You will find german language files in the current 2ManDVD-0.7.5-packages already.

To correct some problems please load corrected files here: - Apr 07 2009
On the site behind your URL is a new version:

Comment by: moostik on Tue, 07 Apr 2009 16:58:04 +0000

It was again my mistake, sorry, 0.7.5-2 should work...

Does it work with this? - Apr 07 2009
Don't feed this troll, which name begins with H, longer! He isn't worth a word. I'm glad to use 2ManDVD. And I'm happy, if other users will do it, too.
So, I'm curious about new features, you will implement in future! - Apr 02 2009
...and it have an german translation :-) - Apr 02 2009

by csgib

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Mar 24 2009