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Pawel Biniek , Poland
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

This is my own theme for XFWM4 window manager, which is part of XFCE4 desktop environment. There is no port of it to other WM as far as I know.

You can find it there: - Sep 07 2010
Thanks. The theme is great, and really deserved "good" score :). - Jul 07 2010
The download link redirects to some "uberstudent" website. Would be nice if you reupload the theme correctly.

Thanks - Jul 06 2010
Camu green

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 10 comments

Finally something innovative, unique and still usable. Good job! - Nov 22 2009

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 10 comments

And I personally prefer the original version - the others are just too gray. - Oct 15 2009
Ghostship GTK

GTK2 Themes by sunexplodes 5 comments

In my OO scrollbars does not appear at all with your theme. They must have problems with scrollbars with no buttons... - Jul 02 2009
Human Dark

GTK2 Themes by QkiZ 5 comments

Yeah. Blue is cool! - Jul 02 2009
TerraNova (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy 32 comments

I didn't want to insult you in any way - I was aware that both are yours, and I was just curious about what are the differences :).
I like the Excelsior engine (I even created two Excelsior based themes), and I think I will like this one too (especially you say that it is better :)) - Jun 07 2009
TerraNova (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy 32 comments

Nice, but it looks similiar to the Excelsior engine. Are those two connected anyhow? - Jun 03 2009

GTK2 Themes by Cityy 57 comments

Your menus are awesome! :) - Jun 02 2009
Tasklist rotated in vertical panels

Plasma 4 Extensions by fpuelz 11 comments

I personally very like the idea, but unfortunately I was not able to install it on my KDE4.2 :/ - May 25 2009
Oversword Dark

GTK2 Themes by Oversword 54 comments

Nice theme, but personally I'd slightly darken the bright part of the menu background - it is too bright now, and makes text on it difficult to read. - May 24 2009
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

Please stop fighting guys :) - May 23 2009
Charcoal (SlicknesS Remix)

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88 30 comments

the previous panel was much better in my opinion... - May 15 2009
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

Thanks a lot, especially it is from the creator of the original theme :). - May 09 2009
Striped xfwm4

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by ochosi 4 comments

I didn't liked the striped themes before, but this one is really nice! - May 07 2009

GTK2 Themes by metak 2 comments

I would only change the green hilight color to some grey/blue (it can be seen in XFCE file manager for example). Except this - really well done. - May 07 2009
Any Color You Like

GTK2 Themes by switzak 12 comments

Anyone has idea how to change GTK colors in XFCE4? - May 02 2009
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

Thanks for your opinion.
Unfortunately I cannot satisfy everyone - some prefer "glossy" look, while others like the "flat" and minimalistic ones.

This one is definitely the "glossy" one, but I tried to keep it readable :-). - May 02 2009

GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707 59 comments

Truly beautiful, but personally I prefer the old panel background :). Anyway - definitely GOOD! - Apr 27 2009
Murrine Silk

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 12 comments

I am the unfortunate user of 15.4" laptop with insanely high, 1680x1050 px resolution, the victim of the advertising specialists... ;)

To be honest - this resolution is cool when using some 3D graphics stuff, but it is painful in everyday use, unless you set the fonts about that big. - Apr 26 2009

GTK2 Themes by i2k 7 comments

I have just slightly modified it to have menubars in the same color as default background, but overall is great :). Definitely GOOD. - Apr 09 2009

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by systemx 2 comments

Well done theme :) - Apr 07 2009

GTK2 Themes by dictionary 1 comment

... Somewhat disappointing, but the themes itselfs are really nice :) - Apr 02 2009

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by DevastatorPC 3 comments

Oooops, sorry. I have fixed this now. :-) - Apr 01 2009
blue glass HP theme

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 5 comments

Not very fast, though really beautiful theme :) - Mar 19 2009

GTK2 Themes by Izo 31 comments

This is really well designed and done theme. One of my favourites from over 400 themes I have installed in my system :). - Mar 15 2009

Wallpaper Other by marti1125 1 comment

Cool! - Feb 02 2009
Murrine Arch

GTK2 Themes by esters 11 comments

The dark one is cool :-) - Jan 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by DevastatorPC 2 comments

Thanks. I'm glad you like it :) - Jan 22 2009

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by DevastatorPC 2 comments

I have high contrast, so buttons are visible enough to me, the colors are also fine to me. But perhaps a more visible button outline may help?

Anyway - first I'd like to learn GIMP and xfwm4 theming better (like colors following the gtk theme colors), and then I'll try to improve this :).

Thanks for your comment. - Dec 27 2008

GTK2 Themes
by TheRob

Apr 01 2009

GTK2 Themes
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Mar 15 2009

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Full Icon Themes
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