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Augustin Andres Strasbourg
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 8 comments

Score 58.6%
Jun 16 2010
Great script !
Just one minor problem I noticed : sometimes twice the same title is proposed.
Keep up the good work ! - May 27 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

Score 85.2%
Jan 17 2013
Thanks for the reactivity and the new improvements ! It's a great work.
I noticed a small bug, it's just a detail but if you choose to display the arrival board for a stop, the applet shows 'Next departure from ...' instead of 'Next arrival'. - Jul 24 2009
if I may add a comment about filtering with sbb, the tram filter isn't working with some cities (e.g. 'Basel' or 'Rodersdorf'). - Jul 22 2009
Hi !
it seems that the plasmoid isn't working anymore with : autocompletion and the small green light which turns on when the stop is valid are not working and no data is displayed even with correct stop names.

Here is what I got with plasmoidviewer publictransport :

ACCESS datatype = "departures"
TimetableAccessor::requestJourneys URL = ""
TimetableAccessorHtml::parseDocument Parsing...
TimetableAccessorHtml::parseDocument The regular expression didn't match anything
TimetableAccessorHtml::parseDocumentPossibleStops Parsing for a list of possible stop names...
PublicTransportEngine::stopListReceived 0 stops received - Jul 04 2009
It seems that the filtering issue is fixed in 0.4.5 :)

The other issue with the trains' names is fixed as well. In 0.4.4 the strings 'TGV' or other ones which were not replaced by icons were not displayed. But now they are in 0.4.5.

Thanks a lot ! - Jun 27 2009
Here you can find my French translation of your pot file:

I'm also having an issue with v.0.4.4 with : some trains are not displayed on the applet but if I hover over it, the popup shows the train. Have a glance at this snapshot:
Somehow I had already this issue with v.0.4.2 but found it fixed in 0.4.3.

I've also a question : would it be possible for the user to choose to display or not the full name of the trains (like RE 12345 or TGV 1234) since on some lines different kinds of trains (regional/high-speed) run (with different fares as well) ?

Keep up this excellent work ! - Jun 23 2009
Try with It works with Firenze and Pisa and plenty of italian towns. But you have to get the real name of the station (e.g. Pisa Centrale) on the sbb website. - Jun 23 2009
I've played a bit with your plasmoid and I've found out that can return results for train stations in whole Europe ! I've tried with many towns and small villages in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and it almost always worked. For some other countries I only succeeded to get results for stations in the major towns : London St. Pancras, Moskva (you have to spell it that way since it's a German-Swiss provider), Minsk-Passajirskii in Belarus, Skopje, Istanbul, etc.

However be careful because there's bad news too : with some of the French stations I've tested, some trains/bus are missing on and others are listed but don't exist in reality. - Jun 16 2009
This plasmoid is absolutely great, congratulations for your work.
It would be great if you could add support for regional trains in Alsace/Elsass. You can find the website here :

Basically the national railway company made widgets for Mac OS X Dashboard and Windows but I doubt they're open-source. I tried to look inside the Mac OS one, but couldn't find anything (but I'm not that experienced in widget-making). They're here :

There's also the Strasbourg bus and trams here : but I even don't succeed to make their engine work on any navigator, I've sent them an email so they can hopefully fix it.

If you have difficulties with the language I can obviously help you (French websites are not often (well) translated :/)

Thanks in advance ! - Jun 14 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 284 comments

by dridk
Score 68.0%
Nov 30 2010
and the swedish and vietnamese flags too... Thanks ! - Jun 20 2009
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Amarok 2.x Scripts
by Keidon

Score 58.6%
May 27 2010
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May 25 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

Score 81.9%
Jun 17 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

Score 85.2%
Jun 16 2009