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-- Dedalus -- , United States of America
Kubuntu Edgy Eft 1.0

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Dedalus 2 comments

Thanks. The .svg for this work (and the others) will be released at a later time. - Feb 02 2007
Storm over Cracow

Wallpaper Other by tichy 1 comment

Another great photograph/wallpaper. I really like the scenic shots you take, and your macro works are beautiful. Keep it up. - Jun 30 2006
199 O'Clock (The Perfect Pair Part 1)

Wallpaper Other by italian 2 comments

Very nice job. Really liking the fractals especially this one. I also like their titles. Keep up the good work. - Jun 30 2006
Dreaming ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by EnNe 2 comments

It's a very beautiful wallpaper. Just curious what programs you used to make it? - Jun 17 2006
Going Gnome (1600x1200)

Wallpapers Gnome by bikkuri 2 comments

Excellent wallpaper. I really like it a lot. Keep up the good work. - Jun 17 2006
Tiny Tux

Wallpaper Other by Rennou 2 comments

Very nice wallpaper. Made me smile. - Jun 17 2006

Wallpapers Gnome by Xilef 3 comments

Great wallpaper. I like the little details. Nicely done. - Jun 17 2006
Ubuntu - "Lonely Bench"

Wallpapers Ubuntu by bhursey 4 comments

But as Tuxsurfer said up above the baby stroller does get in the way a little. Overall though great wallpaper. - Jun 17 2006
let's go green

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 11 comments

I really like it. It looks very professional. Good job. - Jun 17 2006

Wallpaper Other by DonPedro 5 comments

Nicely done. Definitely made me laugh. Keep up the good work. - Jun 17 2006
Kubuntu Dapper Drake 1.5

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Dedalus 3 comments

Thanks for the positive comments guys. I really appreciate them :). - Jun 09 2006
Ubuntu Dapper Drake 2.5

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Dedalus 6 comments

Thanks for the positive comments guys. Tigrux, Xilon, I'am currently working on a higher resolution version (1600x1200). It should be up this weekend hopefully. So check back soon. Ktux, awsome! - Jun 01 2006