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David Vass
Plymouth Themes
colours: Ubuntu flat rainbow plymouth

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Apr 18 2016
Try to write here I've basicaly copied this theme and modified colors and pictures. - May 20 2016
I must admit, it didn't work for me as well, but I runned it again and it suddenly worked. I'm sorry but I don't remember what exactly I've done. - May 20 2016
Thank you :) I just realized after modifying it, that I can't enjoy the colors at all thanks to super fast booting from SSD :D - May 13 2016
colours: Ubuntu rainbow plymouth theme

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Feb 04 2014
Hi Brahimsalem. I've modified your theme and posted it here I didn't like the original logo with glow and loading dots. Hope you don't mind and maybe you'll like my change. If you have any comments on my modifications or want to change title, description, readme or anything, just let me know. - Apr 18 2016
Score 58.9%
9   Apr 18 2016