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Matthew Davis
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

in addition, the method i just posted will affect most parts of your computer, but not, for instance, firefox.

when you open up ~/.icons and retrieve the name of the cursor of your choice, also right click it and create archive. create a tar.gz archive--and (optionally) drag it to your desktop for easy access.

then open system>preferences>appearance, and install... click the new tar.gz you just created and it will ask you if you want to apply the new theme

for some reason, in hardy, the appearance manager doesn't want to add the themes of a group of files. if you use individual cursor themes and immediately apply them, then (and only then) does it update your cursor list. strange.

good luck! - Aug 14 2008
Faber Cursors

Cursors by McFraggle 29 comments

if you're running compiz, you'll want to open the compizconfig-settings-manager (under system>preferences>advanced desktop effect settings), open up the general options selection (at the top), and type in the name of the cursor set of your choice into the cursor theme field.

to find the name of your cursor choice, open up ~/.icons. - Aug 14 2008