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David CS
Neon Gnome Theme

GTK2 Themes by freakcode 10 comments

The link for download the theme is broken. - Jul 17 2009

Qt Tools by peppino 80 comments

A desktop with the simplicity of Gnome and the consistency and power of KDE and QT. Congratulations! - Jan 26 2009

Cursors by fnaax 2 comments

could you make the arrows with the peak sharp? - Sep 07 2008
Pure 0.7

Beryl/Emerald Themes by astoyanov 23 comments

What icons do you use in this theme? - Dec 11 2006
I make it freeware because it's identical to the microsoft's cursor theme and due that I didn't find the license of this I suppose that it can be freeware and I don't put it a foss licence because due to legal matters I believe that this wouldn't appropriate.

But my main objective has been bringing the Windows cursor to the Linux world and this way help to break the barrier that exists among these two worlds.

I only hope that this cursor theme lasts the longest time for all those who want prove it in their favorite Linux desktop. :) - Oct 22 2006
I uploaded this theme because I like its clarity and simplicity, and because I want to share it with all the linux users, specially with those who are familiarized with the windows environment. - Oct 17 2006