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dashua s , United States of America

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Feb 22 2010
Please test v0.2. :) - Feb 22 2010

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Feb 08 2010
Very nice. - Feb 04 2010
Very nice work on the buttons. Not my strong point in theming. - Feb 01 2010

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Jul 27 2009
Will do. I have a Dell Vostro A90 running Karmic UNR, so I'll this out shortly. - Jul 28 2009
Droid Sans - Jul 19 2009
Thanks Dan.

I origially had Breathe in mind for this theme, but while testing Humanity icon set for kwiii for possible inclusion in Karmic, I loved how well the set integrated and redesigned accordingly. The saturation of Breathe integrated better with Human and some of my darker themes.

I'm hoping Humanity makes it in for a possible replacement or alternative to Human. I'm also wishful that the community is receptive to Redux and possible inclusion as a community theme.

I will add those suggestions later and keep up the good work as well. - Jul 18 2009
I have to look into the the combo boxes as they are using a white fg prelight. I can fix that, but it's not really that obstrusive. Thanks for the feedback. Anything else please advise me.


Dashua - Jul 16 2009
bzr pull

Just committed the change to trunk for testing.

I'm liking this change.

Please test and report back any other affected applications.


- Jul 16 2009
Can you post a screenshot of the problem with white text?

And if you get a chance, pull from trunk. I modified a few aspects of the theme to integrate with Humanity.

Let me know of this is better for you?

Thanks for the feedback.

I truly want to make this a great theme and believe it has the potential of change the community has been longing for quite some time. - Jul 16 2009
Ubuntu Hanso Theme

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May 31 2009
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it. It should be very fast. The code is clean and concise. The pixmap scrollbar is also faster while scrolling.

Enjoy :) - Jun 05 2009
I'm sorry the index file was borked. I fixed it. Please download again and install. Thanks. - May 30 2009
I added a panel_bg to the new package. Try that out and see if it works for you. I'll add it automagically in the next release.

Thx. - May 05 2009
The fonts are Droid Sans. If you're running Jaunty they're in the repos.

sudo apt-get install ttf-droid

I'm using Epiphany. I haven't made a Firefox theme yet. You could try one of DustFox themes, but I'm not sure how it will integrate.

Thanks again. - Apr 20 2009

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Apr 07 2009
Thanks werz.

It seems many people are digging this theme with close to 2000 downloads in three(3) days, although the ratings are not an accurate measure.

Any more suggestions you or anyone has to offer, like I said in the description, please let me know and I will try to accomodate the community.

I will work on some upgrades this weekend. As far as usablilty, it should be up there with an RC status. I still have to set up a timeline on the project page and work a few more issues out, including an original metacity theme.

Thanks again. - Apr 08 2009
You need murrine 0.90.3 or trunk. Either will work fine. If you're on Jaunty, this version is installed by default. - Apr 06 2009
Delete the version in your ./themes, download again, and reinstall.

Buggied version I was working on. - Apr 06 2009
The only thing resembling Sugar is the metacity, which works well with this theme. Check the gtkrc and you'll see if it's a clone. ;) - Apr 06 2009
I uploaded a recent debian package from the most recent trunk snapshot.

Here is the link to the wiki:

Enjoy ;) - Apr 05 2009
Sure. Np. :) - Apr 05 2009
Nodoka Dust

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Feb 07 2009
The tar.gz is corrupt. Can you upload another? - Apr 08 2009
I'm not doing much with this theme anymore, but here are the default scrollbars you request.

They are round except for OpenOffice, but they are like that it in Nodoka as well. - Apr 06 2009
Fixed in update. Thanks for the report. - Feb 07 2009
Done. Thank you. I didn't think it would be visible with the background gradients on the dark menus, but it looks good. ;) - Feb 07 2009
Post your error. Do you have git installed?

sudo apt-get install git-core - Feb 04 2009
Thank you.

I've been working on this for a few days and was really amazed at the professional look of this engine. I plan on making a lighter Ubuntu Human style theme with this newer engine when I get some more free time. - Jan 31 2009
pato, Can you paste a screenshot to visualize the issue? - Jan 31 2009

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Jun 29 2009
What is the issue? - Mar 29 2009
Droid Sans - Mar 29 2009
bzr branch lp:~dashua/murrine-themes/Murrine-Testing

Pull the source from bzr. I uploaded the panel_bg and a few other changes along with some extra themes I'm working on. - Mar 21 2009

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Mar 03 2009
Update removed. :) - Mar 03 2009
Thanks. They are one of my favorite bands. :) Good taste. - Mar 03 2009
I personally like the orange text, but the feedback is relatively similar. It's an easy fix in the gtkrc for plain black text. A future release may contain black text.

Thanks for the compliments as this is becoming very usuable for me as well.

I can release a lighter version later on, but most people seem to like the darker panel, including myself. - Feb 24 2009
Yes, It's currently in Jaunty. - Feb 21 2009
If this is the Firefox issue you're referring to?

That should be fixed in 3.1.

BTW, nice mod. I like it. I'm still testing some other ideas, but trying yo keep it relatively sane and funtional for Jaunty. - Feb 21 2009
No, this is no mock up. They have been implemented and are currently in testing. They blend in beautifully with Miu. - Feb 21 2009
Thank you.

I'm working on some fixes at the moment which impact the gtk color selector. I noticed that issue and the only way around it atm is to lock the theme and I do not want to do that.

I'm making the theme a bit lighter and choosing a dark insensitive text color. The darker orange looks good, but overall I think standard black will sustain better compatibility. - Feb 19 2009

Added to references on the wiki. - Feb 18 2009