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scot echols Hermiston, United States of America

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That is sweet! Very nice work. - Jul 01 2007
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Breathtaking - Jun 30 2007
GNU/Linux gun

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Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but Australia saw a 44% increase in gun crime in just 12 months after banning and destroying over 600,000 privately owned guns. And we are not talking about AK47's or AR15's here either. Just normal hunting rifles and shotguns. If you Google 'Britain, gun crime' you will see a rash of BBC articles (not exactly the NRA are they?) about the dismal failure of Britain's handgun ban, which has ushered in a period of rapidly increasing HANDGUN crime. Over the same period in the US, crime as a whole, gun crime, and handgun crime have all declined year after year. A recent survey of violent criminals in the US found that the number one thing that they fear is an armed victim. They would rather be caught by the police than face a homeowner with a gun. Without exception, they said that they would never knowingly break into a home where they knew the owner was home and armed.

It turns out that there are plenty of good data supporting self-defense with firearms; they are just too inconvenient for people who support gun control to acknowledge, so they bend over backwards to pretend that they do not exist. Ask the citizens of Darfur if they would prefer to be armed or not. Better yet, ask their oppressors how they would vote on a UN resolution to arm them. - Jun 23 2007
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Really? If that is the case, then how come every community or nation that has tried to restrict lawful ownership of guns has had an explosion of crime in general and gun violence in particular? In contrast, US states that have established concealed carry laws and increased lawful ownership of guns have see rapid declines in crime and gun violence.

I am all for reducing criminals ability to get guns, but taking them away from law-abiding citizens has been proven to increase crime. Sorry. - Jun 23 2007
GNU/Linux gun

Wallpaper Other by Arnis 10 comments

Beautiful work Arnis! Not to nitpick or anything though, but the gun says 9mm, and the shells look suspiciously like rimmed magnum cases. ;^) - Jun 22 2007
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I'm sorry, did you say something about a calendar? ;^) Just kidding. Nice work, and VERY nice backgrounds. - Jun 22 2007