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Christoph Wickert , Germany

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Mar 15 2016
I think you just should not have made it default so that Unity support is only enabled if users --enable-unity explicitly. - Oct 22 2012
to --enable-unity in a minor release is pretty confusing. 1.2.1 is supposed to be a bugfix release to 1.2.0 and builds should continue to work without changes. - Jan 19 2012
lxpanel 0.6 + integrated launch and task

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Sep 07 2013
Hi Giuseppe, why don't you develop this with the LXDE team on - Sep 06 2012

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Oct 24 2012
Thanks for your response.

If you are looking for bugs, how about

Upstream rejected this one because he cannot reproduce it on Windows. It's reproducible on Linux though.

Once I see l3afpad is more active than the original I'll be happy to maintain it in Fedora. - Sep 02 2011
if GTK3 support justifies a fork. Did you try to upstream your changes and were they rejected?

Do you have more changes in mind so l3afpad and leafpad will diverge over time? - Sep 02 2011
Laptop external display hotplugging

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Jun 25 2011
I am not concerned there is Ubuntu in the description, I am concerned that all that is offered for download are Ubuntu packages and there is no link to the sourcecode.

I know it's written in python, still this or alien cannot replace a proper source tarball. Please be so kind to link it from this page. TIA! - Jun 25 2011
So how would one package this for other distros if all people are publishing are Ubuntu binaries?

Where is the sourcecode and why is it not linked from this page? - Jun 25 2011

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 3 comments

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Nov 11 2007
There is an official port of the Nodoka theme available now fox xfwm4, see: - Apr 20 2008

Graphic Apps
by discursive

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Feb 24 2012

Graphic Apps
by discursive

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9   Feb 24 2012

by zwis

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9   Jan 29 2012
Claws Mail

by claws

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9   Dec 18 2011

by mati86dl

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9   Sep 17 2011
VDesk - Visual Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff
by AnthonyAMC

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3   Sep 11 2011