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Onur Basibüyük Rheine, Germany
Nameless Icons

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Jul 31 2010
Hello Community!
I´m back in Business!! :)
And you can choose between "Morpho Icons" and "Nameless Icons" for next Release :) - Jul 31 2010
hey, first thanks for ur replie =)

Currently i´m work with "Fredo" on "Icon Colorizer", thats will allow u to change easily the colors of a complete iconset,

u can find more information at:

Currently that don´t works - so look forward to it =) - Jun 07 2007
hey =)

i´m use Fireworks (png) to created them, its easy to change the colors.

I´m sorry, becouse it´s a huge work to create them, and for a 76% rating and only 5 commets, i´m don´t spend my freetime in this project,i´m wait by the end of the month to yield a result.

so long conteXx - May 23 2007
hey, thx all for ur feedback =)

The catagory is right i´m think, if enough people want them, i create a whole theme, if not i´m delete this entry.

If anyone wants a another colour feel free to tell me,

and sorry for only the preview picture and creativecommons license, if i release them for public use, then under the GPL.

conteXx - May 21 2007
morpho icons

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Jul 31 2010

Hello Community!
I´m back in Business!! :)
And you can choose between "Morpho Icons" and "Nameless Icons" for next Release :) - Jul 31 2010

Hello Community!
I´m back in Business!! :)
And you can choose between "Morpho Icons" and "Nameless Icons" for next Release :) - Jul 31 2010
thanks =), thats keeps me motivated:) - Jul 29 2009
sorry packeged them wrong, i use fireworks to create my icons, and it runs not bugfree on my ubuntu + wine, so i create them under vista.

currently this theme is under (huge) construction, means i´ve only finished some icons and the complete look of every icon group..

it´s hard to say how long it takes to comlete this set.

for info:

Part 1: create the final look of every icon group, (is done)

Part 2: Create core system icons (printer, hdd,usbstick and so on)and integrate them into the gnome install package, (working relaese as beta)

Part 3: intergrate all mimetype icons

Part 4: intergrate many 3rd party programms like firefox,thunderbird, deluge and so on

Part 5: release them as 1.0 ;) - Jul 28 2009
thanks! it motivates me really to hear that! =)

and .. nochmal schöne grüße nach dresden, wg dem nochmal, siehe vorherige kommentare ;) - Jul 28 2009
thanks =) - Jul 28 2009
hey,this set is at the moment under construction,means for you and all others: if u want use the first 10 preview icons, replace them manual.

i´ve uploaded them only to earn some feedback, if u want help me, just say me if u like them or what u wish on them,

many greets


ps: in a few days i want present here the "final" look of every icon catogory - Jul 08 2009
don´t worry, the first place on my pirioty list goes to quality ;)

thanks! - Jul 01 2009
thank you james =)
if u want u can help me to finish this set =D - Jul 01 2009
thanks for info, will fix it with the next update =) - Jun 30 2009
danke =), grüße nach dresden ;) - Jun 30 2009
Azenis Icons

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Sep 23 2010
james, if the final set looks good as the preview its one of the best iconthemes i ever seen!! hope u finish it soon as possible, can´t wait to use it =D

my suggestion for the name:

[:aZureNights] xD

best wishes and greetings from germany


- Jun 27 2009

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Sep 23 2010
looks great! - Jun 09 2009

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Feb 17 2012
really nice! =) - Jun 09 2009
Firefox - Mix your own - Pack

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Jun 09 2009
thanks for the positive feedback, it makes me really happy =D

and really nobody has any special colour wishes?

ps: and thanks, i earned today my FIRST Dollar with GFX-Design =) - Jun 04 2009
Polar Icons 2

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Sep 16 2009
i use fireworks 8 to create them, here is a lil step by step howto how i create my icons, maybe it helps u =), sorry is in german..

greetings - May 31 2009
and a music box icon - May 31 2009
search icon

=) - May 31 2009
hey =)
tomorow i have a lil bit time 2 draw, if u have other icons to replace just say what u need, i´m think i can create arround 3-5 icons tomorow ;) - May 30 2009
wow.. arround 12k Download in ~3 Month, thats realy nice, and makes me a lil bit proud =D

and i don´t like the search icon in the toolbar, it doesn´t fit really, if u want can i design a new icon for that ;)

best wishes - May 30 2009
i´m think that u have done a great job! so i´m really happy, couse i´ve spendet realy much time to create all icons totally from scratch, for every single icon 1-3h (!) ;)

if it possible can u link at my deviantart profile after my name? and can u wrote "conteXx" with a little "c"? i´hate it really ;)

if u need any special icons to complete the set just drop me a mail (j-kuzy (at)" and i´m look what can i do.

if u need the orginal png files (adobe fireworks), just ask me

so far, keep up the good work! =)

best regards conteXx (not ConteXx) :P - May 22 2009
hello jameshardy88!
glad 2 see that u carry on the polar icons!

best wishes

conteXx - May 17 2009
Polar Icons - Beta 1

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Oct 08 2008
Hey there =)
sorry i´ve currently really no time for any of my Projects,

if anyone want create a Package for Gnome/KDE, do it, you don´t need a premisson from me..

All icons can be found on my Devianart PAge, if any icons missing just drop me a mail ;)

best wishes conteXx =) - Nov 09 2007
"jepp" i´m came from germany =) - May 24 2007
hey, thx again for your feedback :)

I want release a "basic" package, for the theme manager, and a "additional" with all alternate icons and not implemented icons for manual installation.

I release the second beta within 2 or 3 days.

best regards conteXx =) - May 01 2007
hey =) thx for the info, will fix them.

and i Can add the 24x24 sizes, thats no problem =) - Apr 26 2007
80% of the beta is done, =)

i hope i can release it next week - Apr 25 2007
hey, =) thx for your replie, i want finish the first beta within 6-7 days, =) - Mar 31 2007
hey, thx for ur replie =)

This Icontheme is currently a preview, u can change them manualy or wait for the first beta =) - Mar 06 2007
thx, =).
currently the icons are only archived "naked".

that means, that i´m must create a themefile for the gnome-package and rename the icons correctly.. - Feb 23 2007
the font name is dungeon.ttf - Feb 23 2007
yes, i can create one =)

the svg´s are noch aviable, beacouse i´m use fireworks to create them =) - Feb 14 2007
i´m sorry, thats the only server that im can use at this time.

if anyone can upload them anywere, let me know :) - Feb 13 2007
Amora Icons

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Jun 24 2007
hey, =)

maybe this prog can help u to finish the set a lil bit earlier.

Its very buggy.. try out =) - May 08 2007
Frisse Icons Preview

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Jul 02 2007
Hey, they look very cool and fresh =D

realy unique, 2 thumbs up!

greets conteXx - Apr 27 2007
Livid - Iconset Preview

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Apr 25 2007
hey =)

maybe this litle (very buggy) prog helps u
to create a Gnometheme, needs imagemagick and the gtk-sharp libarys to start.

and must start it with "mono gib.exe"

just try it out =) - Apr 26 2007

these icon roXx(!)

... thumbs up =D - Apr 15 2007

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Apr 12 2007
hey =)

thx 4 ur replie =D

the font can u grab it here,
just scroll down to my posting.

=) - Apr 15 2007
thx all for ur comments :D

Currently I can´t tell u any timeframe for a full release.

Primary i want release a beta from my other Iconset (polar icons).

=) - Apr 13 2007

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Mar 26 2007
I want release a Polar-Icons beta soon, have finished all Icons, must >only< create a themefile for them, ;) - Mar 27 2007
Polar Theme - Preview 5

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Feb 23 2007
thats the last preview, after this relase i want to upload a beta release =)

at this moment, I can´t tell u a timeframe, because i have currently not so much time for this project.. - Feb 24 2007
i agree =) - Feb 23 2007
If you can do, thx =D - Feb 23 2007
currently they are not instable with the thememanager, because i have not really time to create a gnome & kde compatible package.. - Feb 23 2007
dungeon.ttf =)
follow these link, and scroll down to my posting.. - Feb 23 2007
try to load them here: - Feb 13 2007

Full Icon Themes
by Scnd101

Score 76.7%
Jun 04 2009
Polar Icons 2

Full Icon Themes
by jameshardy88

Score 63.3%
May 22 2009