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Conor O Sullivan Cork, Ireland
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elementary scrollbars for chrome

Various Gnome Stuff 9 comments

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Dec 01 2010
hmm! hopefully in time rgba will be as standard as compiz is today! :-p - Dec 01 2010
well most people use it full screen, it will stay to scale if it stays in the left hand corner... its not consistent with elementary-gtk anyway unless the panel is transparent too, then its nice! especially maximized as there is not even a dividing line between the panel and chrome are visible :-)

was more for unity i did this! just didnt change it back as i really like it! - Dec 01 2010
re: transparency... a bit of theming, it doesnt deliver true transparency yet on linux but rather well selected gradients between the panel, chrome and wallpaper

did it one night i was bored

I might make a script to do it sometime but it would be very hacky :-) and probably need to be re-run each time the wallpaper changed unless the extension remained unpacked and could somehow update automagically.

its only a semi working concept, however it would be better to wait for rgba in gtk to become more widespread... then we could write an extension!... if chrome allowed it.

It looks much prettier with a transparent ui such as unity for netbooks.. as the panel seamlessly blends into the unity panel :) - Dec 01 2010
Windows 7 new

Beryl/Emerald Themes 20 comments

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Jul 28 2010
I too want to get involved in this debate lets turn it into a war!

you are BOTH stupid! :D

Well theirs my 2cents on the issue... - Jul 29 2010
Candy Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes 21 comments

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Aug 19 2010
look forward to it! - Jul 15 2010
I think the current theme on ubuntu has only orange folders.. you have the desktop icon and others that brown color that ubuntu removed with its new purple and orange revamp..

It is good, especially the more square folders but maybe less brown in the various other things like the desktop icon and such

I get that its still in development stages and would be more tightly integrated I suppose with time. So nice work so far!! - Jul 13 2010
Lucid wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Mar 07 2010
Very nice!! - Mar 07 2010
Chocolat Google Chrome/Chromium Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

by weapp
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Dec 06 2009
Oh! Easy mistake to make! :-p - Dec 07 2009
All my themes for chrome so far were .crx??... if you don't trust it perhaps download it and look within the source to see if its a theme before installing.

(.crx can be opened as .zip's) - Dec 06 2009

Conky 126 comments

by meek
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Jun 10 2008
When using facebook chat plugin.

Contacts in my online buddy list do not get displayed in the Screenlet from facebook if they do not have a User Image that could be downloaded..... - Dec 06 2009
Sonar Dust

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

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Dec 08 2009
I found it ...
Anyone wondering its Red Sensation from InterfaceLIFT

:-P - Dec 05 2009
Hey could you tell me the name of this wallpaper and where you found it please? I used to have it but cant remember its name! Think I found it off interfaceLIFT or somewhere....

Thanks! - Dec 04 2009
Ultimate Karmic

System Sounds 17 comments

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Dec 17 2009
Wow, Im setting this one off in the University Library Tomorow!! cheers! - Nov 25 2009

QtCurve 83 comments

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Jan 27 2011
GAY FLAG!!! WOO!!, (Just kidding).. didnt really care, but it should be left in for the lolz! - Nov 09 2009
Cafe Con Leche (Murrina)

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Jul 08 2008
I get the error checking for GTK... no
configure: error: GTK+-2.12 is required to compile murrine

This doesnt make any sence as isnt that been default in ubuntu since round 7.10? - Aug 05 2009
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes 48 comments

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Nov 20 2008
Leopard_se & dark metacity

Metacity Themes 10 comments

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Apr 12 2009
Somebody needs sleep..... - Mar 29 2009
Avant [Pretty Please REQUEST!]

QtCurve 53 comments

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Mar 22 2009
Best theme ive seen on any OS ever...ever! - Mar 20 2009
FSF Usplash

Usplash Themes 6 comments

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Aug 03 2007
Can verify the links are defiantly broken!! - Feb 15 2009
The Gimp Splash

Gimp Splashes 1 comment

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Oct 10 2008
- Oct 22 2008
Ubuntu NextG GDM theme

GDM Themes 6 comments

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Oct 10 2008
Wow what a cool idea! - Oct 22 2008

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jun 03 2007
Oh wow this needs to be made into a usplash!!!

C'mon guys give this guy some motivation and pester him!!. By the way its really good! - Sep 27 2008

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Sep 05 2008
Yes your icons are fab! please share them as you have selected them very tastefully! - Sep 06 2008

Nautilus Scripts 23 comments

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Feb 23 2009
People will find this very useful! - Aug 27 2008
I am sexy

GDM Themes 15 comments

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Aug 10 2008
ok, now this is good!, I love your icon layout and everything, sick of the manky colours Ubuntu seems to choose. This looks far more inviting for the user. - Aug 20 2008
nuoveXT 2 for Firefox

Firefox Themes 7 comments

by saki
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Jul 02 2007
oooohh! Please dont make us wait too long!! - Aug 17 2008

Full Icon Themes 37 comments

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May 14 2009
I'm liking this a lot and looks promising! - Aug 17 2008
Chrome-Browser + RGBA

Various Gnome Stuff
by zniavre

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3   Dec 02 2010