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A. K. , Germany
3D KMENU BUTTON (animated)

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Feb 04 2009
I didn't know if it still works, because I don't have SuSE with Kickoff-Menu installed anymore. - Mar 11 2009
MacOSX Leopard Cairo-Dock Theme

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Oct 22 2008
... and I hate to join registration processes ...

Link says "The bandwidth or page view limit for this site has been exceeded and the page cannot be viewed at this time".

Nice ^^ - Sep 19 2008
Ubunity Logo SVG

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Apr 19 2008
It's a very clean work, but I don't use it in any of my projects yet. I think it's a little too much ... - Sep 19 2008

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Apr 19 2008
That's quiet irony, huh? =)
As I said, I don't like it by myself .... uuuah, ugly english ....

What I like is my 3D animated Kmenu Kickoff button that i uploaded this evening, but I can't test it, because I don't have a running KDE. - Apr 19 2008
Leopard look

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Jun 15 2007
The best of all!
Please keep on working, nothing is final ;-)
Forget Mac4Lin ^^ - Feb 03 2008
Mac OSX Leopard 10.5 Full pack

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Jun 25 2008
... for such little changes you didn't have to upload this, make your own work ... tss - Feb 03 2008
Glass Panel

Various Gnome Stuff 15 comments

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Oct 12 2006

simple and very clean, good job !!
- Sep 04 2007
Lindows XP panel

Various Gnome Stuff 4 comments

by dere
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May 23 2007

Muuuuhahahaaaa, it's a joke ... or not??
Not really the best choice for your debut, but maybe you're a comedian ;-)

- Sep 04 2007

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by tedet
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Feb 29 2008
This is a really good theme ...

... but I think you should update this and make a better build-script with the simple option to choose the right distro-logo ... and maybe a README with some help to install (I use ubuntu Feisty and ImageMagick was not on my system by default, so the script send an error).

GoOn, it's really nice :-) - Sep 04 2007

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Feb 21 2007
Thank you for your reply.
Still i can't realize how this could be ...
If the file kmenu_basic.mng in your /home/YOURNAME/.kde/share/apps/kicker/pics directory is broken, the system will use the kmenu_basic.mng under /opt/kde3/share/apps/kicker/pics (i only tested it with OpenSuSE 10.2 and Xorg 7.2 / 7.3).
AFAIK the KMenu has nothing to do with logging in and out ...
But hey, wait 'till today evening, i'll upload another cool one, it's an animated 3D-button i'd made a few months ago, but hadn't upload .... - Jun 30 2007
What do you mean with "it crashed your system"?
I can't imagine that changing an icon only in your user folder (/home/YourNAME/.kde/share/apps/kicker/pics/) can crash your system, so can you explain? - Jun 29 2007
I used the good old GIMP ...

I had to make theses buttons from scratch, 'cause I've had no template and the GIMP doesn't opens mng-files on my system, but he can create some (mng-pictures are animated png-pictures like gif).

All these buttons I will make for a kicker size of 48px, too (setting normal, default or resp. standard) ... but I have less time, 2 kids and they ask for their dad ;-)

LOOK AT - Feb 20 2007

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Feb 27 2007
~/.kde/share/apps/kicker/pics - Mar 28 2007

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Feb 27 2007
I forgive you ;-)

Your criticism is not wrong at all, it say's me that the icons could be smaller in their filesize.

But I'll not work anymore on them.
I'm working on another really really cool K-menu icon, forget these primitive and easily made ones. But with the new one, the filesize is my problem, too =/ - Mar 04 2007
.tar.gz makes bigger file sizes as .tar.bz2, try this with the unpacked icons ;)

I've tried to upload all icons as one package, but the upload is limited to 750KB at !

I'm not a fool, 'ya know ... - Feb 27 2007

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Feb 27 2007
Oh thank's, I didn't know that it's such easy to use them in kbfx, too!

But if you rename them to png, they will not be animated any more, right? As I know, png only uses the first frame? - Feb 23 2007
I didn't know that it works for kubuntu, too ... resp. that kubuntu has a k-menu-kickoff like the new SuSE-kickoff, too.
(I mean the menu that looks a little bit like kbfx)

Maybe you should explain how you did that, so that other users can change/use it, too on their kubuntu systems?

- Feb 22 2007
Yes, you're completely right.
I've changed my description and the ReadMe yesterday and I've updated the files.
Thank you for your help!

Ich hatte dich schon richtig verstanden, aber als ich die Größe meines Kickers änderte, war da nur noch ein viertel von dem Button zu sehen. Als ich das allerdings später nochmal gemacht habe und dann mit der Maus über den Button ging, hatte er die richtige Größe, sieht aber skaliert nicht mehr so toll aus, was ich nun auch in die Beschreibung aufgenommen habe ... sowas blödes, ich achte sonst eigentlich auf alles, ein richtiger noob-fehler =)
Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe ! - Feb 22 2007
Oops ... ok
sorry, but I didn't read exactly what you wrote.

That's a good idea and you're right, that it works for only one user if you save the pics under "~/.kde/share/....."

Thanks a lot !
That's better than the root-method ! - Feb 21 2007
Hello @Hedron,

yes, that's right - it's possible, but note that other users on your system won't see the kickoff icon if they don't have the mng-files in "~/..." , too!

I've already said that in

48px is the default kicker setting in my (german) suse distro. If I change my kicker to a smaller size, the icon is too big !? - Feb 21 2007
Oh thanx, I didn't know that.
I've only seen a portage of the new kickoff for CRUX (?) ...
- Feb 20 2007

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Feb 27 2007
Sorry, but what does you mean?
I can't see any of my icons in the screenshots on the kdemod-site.

Maybe I didn't understand you right, my english is at most medium ...

If you would to say, that the icons will be in the kdemod for archlinux, then I say ... OH MY GOD !

To be honest, the icons are funny, but not very good I think! They're e.g. not very clear and the glass-look is bad ... I could make them better, but I made them only to bridge a gap 'till my next version is online.

That icons will be really cool, but it's my little secret 'till now ;) - Feb 23 2007
Futurosoft Icons

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Jul 24 2007
This theme is great!

I still use some icons out of the "Crystal Diamond 2.5" and the old "IcOSX" Mac Theme.

But your theme is my default, thanks a lot !!! - Feb 21 2007

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Feb 21 2007

yes, k3ks's right - it's possible, but note that other users on your system won't see the kickoff icon if they don't have the mng-files in "~/..." , too! - Feb 20 2007