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calvin - , United States of America
Ubuntu sticker

Cliparts by jmming 4 comments

You know, in think just one tag would be just as effective as 50. - Oct 03 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 6 comments

1680x1050 would be great, too! - Jun 24 2009
windows 95 setup tiling mod

Wallpapers Windows by sprash 1 comment

Haven't seen this one in a while. - Apr 03 2009

GDM Themes by totalstranger1 11 comments

Pretty damn good for your first. Nice icons. One of the first Windows 7 themes so far. I forsee more in the future - Mar 14 2009
Glossy grass with logo

Wallpaper Other by nechus 1 comment

I just wish that it was at a higher resolution. - Feb 15 2009
Sea Usplash

Usplash Themes by greenbehemoth 13 comments

Is there a place where i could download just the photo? Id like to use it as my wallpaper. - Jan 08 2009
I never would've thought to use ASCII art like that. - Dec 21 2008
Broken Vista Aero bar

Various Gnome Stuff by megasasquatch 1 comment

Nice! - Dec 17 2008
Horsehead Nebula

Wallpaper Other by chiron 6 comments

Really reminds me of the Mac OS background, but it's not. - Dec 13 2008

Gnome Screenshots by smatygoldenfish 4 comments

I dare you to hit Enter... - Dec 08 2008
Abstract Human

GDM Themes by GNOME-fReAk 8 comments

I like this one-with the abstract background, while keeping the Ubuntu theme. - Dec 08 2008

Full Icon Themes by andrecbarros 15 comments

Very clean looking, reminds me of my old Mac OSX icon set that i've been using before, but better. - Dec 06 2008
Ubuntu Dusty

Gnome Screenshots by ranjan 1 comment

I dig the silver-black theme you've got going, and the seamless transition between the title and menu bars. Nice job! - Dec 03 2008
Clearlooks Pro mod

GTK2 Themes by nferenc 6 comments

Very clean. I love the simplicity of this theme. Nice icon set to go with it, too. - Nov 24 2008
True Aero Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by eXine 17 comments

Finally, an aero theme with the glass-like blurring. There may be some 1,000 aero themes, but this is the only one that does the glass distortion - Nov 22 2008
My Current Ubuntu 8.10

Gnome Screenshots by bach123456 2 comments

I like it. Black with the blue accents... - Nov 15 2008
LinuxOsX Splashy Theme

Splashy Themes by DevilX 2 comments

thanks for the Usplash version! - Sep 28 2008