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Chandra Shekhar Yokohama, Japan
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Sep 05 2012
indeed!! - Jan 30 2009

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Jan 09 2009
Your "# ls -la libkate*" shows that you have present in your library. What you need to do is this:

# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s

That's all. Now, you should be able to compile the source properly.

- Nov 23 2008
Kopete Antispam Plugin

Chat & Messenging 47 comments

by alno
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Dec 27 2009
I appreciate the approach but to make it acceptable on large scale, few things must be taken care of. Following are the difficulties I realized:

1. On Yahoo or MSN or Gchat, if someone adds me, i don't receive any confirmation message. This is unacceptable.

2. I need to give a FULL email address in the white-list if I have to bypass the person receive the question. Please allow something like this:
I should be able to add in white-list just by typing *xample12*.

3. Please add an option so that all the current users in the messenger list will automatically be added in white-list. It would be better if there is also an option for different protocols or groups. e.g. Add all Yahoo users in white-list but not all MSN users.

I think, the aforementioned three things are incorporates, this plugin is really going to be very useful.

- Jul 10 2008

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May 17 2009
Hi, again!

Well, I could compile it on my new Fedora-8 installation but when I am running it, it gives following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/konzept-0.2.1/konzept", line 19, in <module>
entryPoint() # comment out this line to apply
File "/opt/konzept-0.2.1/konzept", line 14, in entryPoint
mw = MainWindow()
File "/opt/konzept-0.2.1/", line 64, in __init__
tw.addGroup("Nodes", nodes)
File "/opt/konzept-0.2.1/", line 30, in addGroup
self.createToolBar(self.parent(), self.widget(), name, toolList)
File "/opt/konzept-0.2.1/", line 50, in createToolBar
tbar = QToolBar(None, None, tbox, False, name)
TypeError: too many arguments to QToolBar(), 2 at most expected

Any hope to get rid of it?!! - Nov 12 2007
System = FC6 / KDE-3.5.7

[root@maya konzept-0.2.1]# make
cd images; make
make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/konzept-0.2.1/images'
convert relation.svg relation.png
make[1]: *** [relation.png] Segmentation fault
make[1]: *** Deleting file `relation.png'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/konzept-0.2.1/images'
make: *** [icons] Error 2
- Nov 05 2007
Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan

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Oct 06 2007
You are under serious misunderstanding. Picture of this temple (another one, not this picture) has been posted here before (if my memories are still with me) but I (and possibly many others) like this shot better than the previous one and that is exactly the motivation behind posting it here on kde-look. - Oct 08 2007

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Nov 23 2006
But many people like bushy things ;) - Sep 30 2007
Buuf for KDE (KDE 3)

Full Icon Themes 63 comments

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Oct 22 2007
Thank you for the good icon set. However, it would be better if u could add icons for few more apps what are used frequently. e.g.:

1. Noatun
2. Skype
3. Realplayer
4. Xmms

Thanks! - Sep 27 2007
KMail Power Tools

Email 3 comments

by jice
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May 28 2007
at first, thank you for this good addition to the Kmail.

I have a request and I think it would improve usability of this tool.

Is is possible to rename the attachment when saving to the hard-disk so that we can track the attachment back to the email from which it is extracted?! It may be good idea to add some info-tag before or after the name of the attachment while saving!!

Thank you.
- Sep 26 2007

Utilities 80 comments

by kdt
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Oct 18 2017

AT first, thank you very much for this so useful app.

However, I think it would be a great improvement to it if you can add a feature to choose another OS to boot into (while rebooting). What I mean is: if I have a dual boot system, say Linux and Windows, both, and I am rebooting from Linux, I should be able to choose which OS I want to boot into, Linux or Windows.

There is an app called "GRUB NextBoot" [ ] to deal with the OS stuff, but I think it would be much better if this feature gets incorporated in Kshutdown also.

Thanks!! - Sep 19 2007

Various KDE Stuff 13 comments

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Aug 26 2007
Hey guy, the idea is good but the app seems to be in pretty beginning stage.

How about adding some more features like what are safe days and what are risky days based on some specialist's recommendations?!!

If you find it useful, please have a look at the link:

I think the app has a potential to solve many people's problems but it needs a bit of improvement. Please consider it in the next version ;) - Aug 27 2007

Various KDE Stuff 5 comments

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Sep 02 2007
hey, is it possible to extend this script for other websites, especially Kde-looks.

If it can extract newest/highly-rated/most-downloaded wallpapers automatically and set it as background on daily basis, it would be great.

The wiki site what this script uses doesn't seem to have high-resolution pics and it doesnt look good if set as wallpaper.

Please consider the kde-looks option.

Thanks! - Aug 25 2007

Video Apps 115 comments

by mf2
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Sep 12 2007
hi, I have a small request about this app and I think it can improve usability of it.

1. In Output--->Video Codec---->MPEG+DVD option--->Framerate, even if I choose 29.97 fps, it shows 30 fps once I start encoding a video. Could you please fix it because this is the framerate widely adopted in DVD format videos.

2. In the Output--->Audio Codec section, the encoding is not possible in AC3 format, what is again a well-known format for DVDs. Could u please add the AC3 encoding option also.

Thanks! - Aug 10 2007
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

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May 29 2007
At first, thanks for the good app.

Well, coming to the point, if I encode the video with 16:9 aspect ratio and check the compatibility using this app, it throws some warning. However, it says that the video is fully compatible if 4:3 aspect ratio is used in encoding. Could you please tell based on your experience if 16:9 will work or not on a DVD player?! I have no experience in this regard and also no DVD player and so I can't test it myself.

Thanks!! - Aug 03 2007

Utilities 28 comments

by stdin
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Nov 28 2007
It got installed now properly and working great. Thanks for the quick fix.

Please keep the good work up. As one of the users suggested, a service menu entry will be great!! - Jul 12 2007
I am running FC6. I searched for the "tempfile" command but it doesn't seem to exist for fedora. I even couldn't locate the source-code for this file.

Could u please provide a link to the "tempfile" source or if possible, use some alternate way to bypass this command?!

Thanks!! - Jul 12 2007
I am running FC6. I searched for the "tempfile" command but it doesn't seem to exist for fedora. I even couldn't locate the source-code for this file.

Could u please provide a link to the "tempfile" source or if possible, use some alternate way to bypass this command?!

Thanks!! - Jul 12 2007
1. If I try to install (as root) using the latest GUI, it gives the following error:

[root@maya mountfile-1.2]# ./
./ line 12: tempfile: command not found
kbuildsycoca running...
DCOP Cleaning up dead connections.

DCOP Cleaning up dead connections.
kbuildsycoca running...
unix_connect: can't connect to server (unix:/tmp/ksocket-root/maya-1524-469648a7)
Launched ok, pid = 5853
There are already artsd objects registered, looking if they are active...
... cleaned 5 unused mcop global references.

./ line 72: $TEMPFILE: ambiguous redirect
mv: missing destination file operand after `/usr/share/applnk/Utilities/mountfile.desktop'
Try `mv --help' for more information.

2. If I try to install (as "user") using the latest GUI, it gives the following error:

[shekharc@maya mountfile-1.2]$ ./
./ line 12: tempfile: command not found
./ line 101: $TEMPFILE: ambiguous redirect
mv: missing destination file operand after `/home/shekharc/.kde/share/applnk/Utilities/mountfile.desktop'
Try `mv --help' for more information.
cp: cannot stat `/home/shekharc/.kde/share/applnk/Utilities/mountfile.desktop': No such file or directory

It, however, copies the "mountfile" in /usr/bin or $HOME/bin. There seems to be problem with .desktop file. - Jul 12 2007
yup. I also back ur position. In fact, I couldn't get that AcetoneISO2 installed on my system because of many-many dependencies. This one is too simple and working great. However, if u can add an installer with it, which can create an entry in K-menu, it would be great.

Thanks anyway for the good app! - Jul 11 2007
Hungry Penguin

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 03 2007
I also feel similar. a wonderful concept but really BAD implementation. This guy should do little more work and have good graphics and high resolution. - Jul 04 2007
FALF Player

Audio Apps 122 comments

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Aug 14 2008
yes, that's radio i guess. I also tried to use the client but unfortunately that doesn't work properly. It would be nice if u can get this support incorporated in FALF player as well.

Thanks! - Jul 04 2007
SIR - Simple Image Resizer

Graphic Apps 50 comments

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Jun 23 2014
sorry, I just saw. It has one check-box which let us have this functionality.

Thanks! - Jun 02 2007
plz add one option so that one can resize an image keeping Aspect Ratio constant. Otherwise, it spoils the image after resizing. - Jun 02 2007

Kbfx Startmenu 1 comment

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May 20 2007
hey, I love your wallpaper....can I have a link to download it?! - May 21 2007

Various KDE Stuff 59 comments

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Dec 19 2008
keeping in mind their mysterious pact, well, i wonder if openSUSE is really going to remain "open" in future as well....but nice to see new release anyway... - May 17 2007
Keep Listening

Browser 8 comments

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May 08 2007
Thanks for adding the feature of automatic close and ignoring comment lines starting with ## in .ram files. It is working well.

However, how is the behavior when a .ram file contains two non-commented rstp links??

Also, is it possible to add multiple downloads in a single window....not serially, rather, simultaneously?? I mean, a feature to add 2+ media-links and start these links download simultaneously. I am asking because we can use this app efficiently in simultaneous with kshutdown app (which offers a feature to shutdown the computer when some particular program this case, your app). If I use multiple download in multiple windows, it is hard to detect which one will end last and hence can't use the aforementioned feature.

Thanks a lot. please keep up the good work.
- May 10 2007
thanks. I am looking forward to have the improvements.

Well, below is the content of the .ram file I fed to this app. The file is created (0 size) but no stream downloaded.

The .ram file:

## The following two video clips play for RealOne Player and later:
## .RAM_V3.0_START
## .RAM_V3.0_END
## The following two clips play for RealPlayer G2 through RealPlayer 8:
## The following two clips play for RealPlayer 5 and earlier:

I have changed the name of the link for obvious reasons. However, the structure is same.

good luck!! - Apr 17 2007
with my pron sites but I couldn't compile on my system (qmake-qt4 & make or qmake & make). Following is the error:

[root@maya KeepListening]# make
cd src && /usr/lib/qt4/bin/qmake-qt4 -unix -o Makefile
cd src && make -f Makefile
make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/KeepListening/src'
/usr/lib/qt4/bin/uic DownloadWindow.ui -o ui_DownloadWindow.h
g++ -c -pipe -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -march=i386 -mtune=generic -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -D_REENTRANT -Wall -W -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -I/usr/lib/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I/usr/include/QtCore -I/usr/include/QtCore -I/usr/include/QtNetwork -I/usr/include/QtNetwork -I/usr/include/QtGui -I/usr/include/QtGui -I/usr/include -I/home/t/Projects/KeepListening/src/libreal/stream -I/home/t/Projects/KeepListening/src/libreal -I. -I. -o keeplistening.o keeplistening.cpp
In file included from downloader.h:4,
from keeplistening.h:12,
from keeplistening.cpp:4:
libreal/stream/stream.h:4:20: error: mp_msg.h: No such file or directory
In file included from libreal/stream/stream.h:5,
from downloader.h:4,
from keeplistening.h:12,
from keeplistening.cpp:4:
libreal/stream/network.h:14:20: error: config.h: No such file or directory
libreal/stream/stream.h: In function ‘int stream_read_char(stream_t*)’:
libreal/stream/stream.h:128: error: ‘stream_fill_buffer’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h: In function ‘int stream_read(stream_t*, char*, int)’:
libreal/stream/stream.h:209: error: ‘stream_fill_buffer’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:212: error: ‘MSGT_DEMUX’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:212: error: ‘MSGL_WARN’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:212: error: ‘mp_msg’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h: In function ‘unsigned char* stream_read_line(stream_t*, unsigned char*, int)’:
libreal/stream/stream.h:227: error: ‘stream_fill_buffer’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h: In function ‘int stream_seek(stream_t*, off_t)’:
libreal/stream/stream.h:255: error: ‘MSGT_DEMUX’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:255: error: ‘MSGL_DBG3’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:255: error: ‘mp_dbg’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h:266: error: ‘stream_seek_long’ was not declared in this scope
libreal/stream/stream.h: In function ‘int stream_skip(stream_t*, off_t)’:
libreal/stream/stream.h:277: error: ‘stream_fill_buffer’ was not declared in this scope
make[1]: *** [keeplistening.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/KeepListening/src'
make: *** [sub-src-make_default] Error 2

Another thing, it couldn't be launched properly when I opened the .ram files with the keeplistening binary. What I need to do is open it in terminal and then paste the rstp://xxx url into it. There is a lot of message on the terminal. It would be nice if u minimize the output (or add some option to do so).

I am using FC6.

Thanks anyway. It solved a big problem of using long command line with mplayer whenever I had to download the nasty porns...always streaming using rstp protocol...phew!!

well, one of my downloads is just finished....but the window is still open...plz add an auto-close feature after completion. Many downloads means I have to click on the close buttons many times ;) - Apr 15 2007
Two catz

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

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May 08 2007
Actually I am not a native Japanese and my Japanese is also not so good...I couldn't think of a word better than "写真 (shashin)" when I was writing the comment. I think, better word would have been "絵 (e)" (絵 stands for drawing, painting etc.).

anyway, thanks for the good wallpaper. My girlfriend is going to be happy to put this wallpaper on her desktop [ she likes "neko" much...I don't know why!:-D ]. - May 09 2007
Theme of the picture is in Japanese and so I wrote the comment in Japanese itself (assuming that u can read/write Japanese language). Anyway, to see the chars properly, set encoding of the browser to Unicode (utf-8). I am able to see the chars properly with this encoding if I use Firefox.

well, if I am wrong about ur Japanese language skills, feel free to mention. I wont mind translating my comment into English for you :-) - May 09 2007
ありがとう。良い写真だね。どんなソフトを使って作ったか。 - May 09 2007

Network 199 comments

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Jan 17 2013
well, I also got the issue in the mean while...the problem is lying with my partition (FAT32) which is keep sucking me until now...have no other choice but to keep it because I am having dual boot and M$ can't read ext2 file-system. If I save the download in my linux partition, it handles Chinese chars well....but it doesn't if I choose my FAT partition as destination to save the download.

If you have any idea of how to get rid of it, please enlighten me. I am sick tired of it. I tried to mount the partition with some Chinese encoding in fstab but no luck yet :-( - Apr 24 2007
hello, I am using azureus even if I am not happy much with that because of huge memory consumption...but that handles chinese chars properly when u download something using some chinese torrent site...

I tried to use Ktorrent which failed to do the job in case of chinese torrents...i think because of encoding...

could you plz look into this issue so that it can handle non-english chars as well?!!

thanks! - Apr 05 2007

Email 148 comments

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Jul 09 2012
Thanks to ur 3-times posting...The method worked ;)
- Apr 05 2007
hello, I am using this app after modifying my filter options (slap label, dont archive)....and it is working great.

I have a request...when i restart my box, I need to restart this email checker manually....isnt there any way u can add some feature so that when i restart my kde, it starts automatically??

thanks!! - Apr 05 2007
It is possible because I have seen some firefox-extensions which notifies all of your unread mails, whether it is in INBOX or not.

Next, why do I want it...hmm...think of the filters what Gmail provide...and also, the new pop3 feature what can be used to download mails from another email accounts which support pop3. For example, In my case, I download yahoo mails to gmail using pop3. After downloading, a label "Yahoo-Inbox" is automatically slapped on these mails, and archived, so that when I check my gmail account, I just come to know how many Yahoo mails I have. This feature becomes much more useful when you have more than just yahoo account.

This kind of filtering can be done based on many other criteria which indeed makes the email management much easier. If filtering is to be used efficiently, you should provide this feature of checking mails more than just in INBOX. Better would be, fetch the labels automatically from gmail for the user's account and then provide option about which ones to be added in notification.

Thanks and good luck!

I am hoping to see this feature implemented soon! :-) - Mar 29 2007
hey, thanks for the app. this seems to be nice. However, it doesnt check if the mail is archived i.e. it works only for those mails which are in INBOX. Please improve it so than it can check even if new email is not in INBOX.

- Mar 29 2007
Marble - Desktop Globe

Education Apps 73 comments

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Aug 16 2008
thanks but it's not so simple...I already had tried out these but I think this package needs to be compiled in a bit different way...thats why I had asked about it! :-) - Mar 31 2007
I could not figure out. Please tell me how to compile and install it from the source package.

Thanks!! - Mar 27 2007
hello, i tried u send u email on the address u had given ( but there seems to be some problem with this email address. Gmail reports that the message hasnt been delivered yet (i sent it yesterday itself). Please give me another email address. If u wish, u may drop a mail at instead of here (however, here also it is ok but I cant post snapshot of the error here)..

- Mar 26 2007
it didnt work smoothly on my FC6 box (used RPM package to install). It was quite slow when resizing or scrolling. Please improve the app in future releases. It is going to be a good substitute for the Google-Earth.

Also, could you please specify system requirement for its smooth functionality?!!

Other than these, the vertical distance measurement didnt seem to be correct. It could measure horizontal distance accurately but failed to measure vertical distances appropriately. Please check it out.

Thanks, good luck and keep it up!! - Mar 24 2007
Open Partly Copied

Dolphin Service Menus 5 comments

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Mar 28 2007
well, of course your app is better than mplayer in this regard (what u just explained in your last comment). But, what I mentioned about, is: when you are downloading some video file from somewhere remote, the unfinished "xyz.part" can be played using mplayer. Here two programs are involved: 1st, what downloads the video and 2nd is the mplayer which plays the unfinished file.

The integrated approach, like yours, is better, no doubt. I think if you pay attention to this INTEGRATION of some download program with mplayer, it may be a more efficient way achieve the ultimate objective you have :-)

good luck anyway!
- Mar 29 2007
mplayer already does it I guess??!! - Mar 29 2007
Rainbyte Video Converter

Video Converters 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 26 2007
but lagging much in functionality e.g. .rmvb format can be played by mplayer if codecs are installed properly from mplayer's host website. Please support all the formats mplayer support. Multimedia Converter ( supports these, however lacking in some aspects (e.g. resolution control). If your app supports all the formats, undoubtedly it will become a great app.

Also, as it is mentioned in previous posts, if all you developers collaborate, it is more likely to have an outstanding output...but anyway, it depends on feasibility also.

Thanks anyway for trying it out and I am hoping to see it improved and supporting all the formats as that of mplayer.

good luck!! - Mar 22 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
Score 80.7%
Apr 16 2014
I also back for the option "Save streaming media". Please please please implement it :-) - Mar 19 2007
Sorry...but unfortunately it didnt work. After choosing the option, a new window like that of the native Mplayer came out but remote-control didnt work at all :-(
- Mar 18 2007
Well, there useD to be an emulator called "lircemu" which emulated a remote-control. The place where it is supposed to be hosted is However, this page is not loading up. From an LIRC page []:
"While developing LIRC applications you might find a emulator[] for lircd useful. With this emulator you don't need a remote control to generate LIRC events. That way you can develop LIRC applications even if you don't have a LIRC compatible device yourself."

I tried to find other places which host the lircemu but I couldn't unfortunately.

Anyway, there seems to be one another of similar type. Please have a look at

I tried to use my remote with smplayer but it didnt (however, working well with mplayer). well, if you are using mplayer as engine to the smplayer, why dont you just take use of the already implemented functionality of LIRC in mplayer and slap it into your GUI version ?!!

At last, if you need any help in testing your implementation of remote-control, I can offer mine (of course, Linux only. I dont know how to get it done in my WinXP).

good luck and please keep this great work up!!

Thanks!! - Mar 17 2007
hey, at first thanks for this great front-end for Mplayer. I tried it out and it seems to be working excellent. I was also a bit tired with some strange behavior of Kplayer. Anyway, please keep it improving.

I have a question however....will it support remote control in same way mplayer use to support in Linux?

Thanks and good luck for future work! - Mar 17 2007
far far away

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Mar 18 2007
but she is getting tired walking so long! can someone bring his bike for her!! ;) - Mar 19 2007
Alfa Sahara

KDM3 Themes 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 22 2007
well, as far as looking good or bad is concerned, it absolutely depends on "how" it is implemented. Even if the user-list etc are added in the theme, and it is added in well manner, it doesn't affect the look at all.

Regarding your second suggestion that I should do it myself if I need...of course, that is always possible, but not always an efficient way. You may be already knowing few things what I don't know (e.g. this theme stuff) and in that case it is much efficient for u to implement things known to u. On the other hands, there may be few things what I know but u don't know, and in those cases it is much better if I do these things rather than suggesting that u do urself if u need it. If ppl follow this kind of understanding, overall output would be much more!

well, the things what I posted in my last message was just a suggestion :-). Implementing or not implementing depends entirely upon whether u like that or not. But, in general, if I develop something which will be shared to others, I do ask for their suggestions about the product :-)!! - Jan 05 2007